Mandela Effect: John Leguizamo, 7th Village People Skit As Knight!

See my last couple of posts for an ME video on how there are now 6 Village People instead of 5, and for the original video of the song In The Navy, showing 6 performers. Here is another one! I thought this was a dumb skit when I first saw some years back, but Leguizamo made it a point to call himself the 6th guy. Also, I remember him dressing up like the Tin Man from the Wizard Of Oz, and not like a random knight as seen here. I think the Tin Man role stuck out to me because it was a specific character from a movie, unlike the others that are general figures. Wow, I am questioning my own darn memory now… I want to say I am 75% sure it was the Tin Man and not a knight. Damn you, Mandela Effect!


Title: House Of Buggin’ Village Of Broken Dreams (YT link) Uploaded by Mr Hobgoblin.

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