Mandela Effect: Meet Army Man – There Are Now SIX Village People!

All right, this one is awesome! So, I remember 5 Village People, and now there are 6 of them! Who is the mysterious Army Man? I just posted the video for In The Navy, where the guys look weird because there are two of them wearing Navy white uniforms. This extra 6th guy doesn’t seem to be doing much of anything at all, like he’s some kind of shadow or something.

I’m going to look for a comedy bit that John Leguizamo did a few years back, where he was the missing Village Person, the sixth guy who was called Tin Man, like the Tin Man from the Wizard Of Oz. I wonder if that sketch is still available in this reality.


YT description: I grew up watching disco on TV and listening to my parents albums. I clearly remember the faces of the cowboy, biker, construction worker, policeman and the Indian but I have never seen the army man and I never remember seeing more than 5 men perform in my life.

Title: The Mandela Effect ( I only Remember 5 Village People In Another Reality) Please Vote #69 (YT link) Uploaded by Money Bags 73.

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