Planet X: Astronomer Breaks Silence – Is Wormwood In Earth Orbit?

YT description: The photographic evidence that you will witness in this video has been well documented by a professional astronomer who confided in me to bring the information to the world. The information in this video is damning to the naysayers who continually say there is no threat in our solar system. Those statements by the naysayers are a direct threat on humanity and the Earth. The proof and the evidence has been coming in for the past year and there will come a day where the naysayers will be believers. Below is a list of photographic equipment used in the imagery of the photographs in this video.

Programs used in these observations:

© Capture Phase One Pro 9.3 – © Image Data Converter – © Microsoft Power Point – © Stellarium – The Photographer’s Ephemeris ©
Cameras: © Sony ILCE 7K Full Frame (SEL-2870 lens mount adapter type, full frame, 35 mmm LA-AI4)
© Sony Alpha SLT-A65VL (lens SAL-1855 lens SAL 55300) – Sony DSC-HX60V © (Wide Mode)
Infrared Filter 950nm • RAW images at 24.7 megapixels

Title: PLANET X 🔴 ASTRONOMER BREAKS THE SILENCE ON NIBIRU 🌎 (YT link) Uploaded by Nibiru Planet X 2016.


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