Planet X: New Zealand Earthquakes – It Isn’t Over Yet!

YT comment: Check this out! California and Alaska, looks like a fault line is experiencing daily activity. Check out how many earthquakes California has had already today. This is a daily thing. Averaging 3.5. I used to live in California, and there seems to be a steady flow of earth quakes in and around Los Angeles, and Palmdale and Lancaster/Antelope Valley area. This is where the San Andreas Fault is. I grew up in that area and I am well aware of earth quakes as I have experienced many. This is very unusual of the amount and magnitude of earth quakes in that ares (Los Angeles and off coast of Catalina). It looks like California is getting ready for a massive earth quake. The first will be near Los Angeles San Andreas Fault and the other, simultaneously will occur up on the most norther fault line in San Francisco, Washington State, Oregon and Alaska. The whole West Coast is in danger!!!!

Title: NEW ZEALAND EARTHQUAKES… Seismologist Speaks Out… it’s not over yet! (YT link) Uploaded by Nibiru Planet X 2016.


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