United States: Maria Bartiromo Vs Jonathan Gruber On Obamacare

This is what a smarmy liberal looks like, trying to gift wrap a steaming pile of shit and spinning it as a good thing. Thanks to Obama-scam, I saw my work hours go from 40 a week to 36 to 32 to 28 to 24, before I was laid off for good. Thanks, Obama!


YT description: Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber on the impact of the ACA on small business and U.S. economic growth.

Title: Jonathan Gruber: Obamacare is irrelevant to economic growth (YT link) Uploaded by FOX News.

YT comments:

Jonathan Gruber is a complete moron who obviously never managed a business in his life. This Socialists lying bullshit is why President Trump was elected. – Michael Corbin

Simply a money-laundering scheme from day one. Totally intended to aid Obama / Soros / Leftists in draining the middle class – and moving that money to wealthy friends / allies. – Blarney Stone

Give me a break! Companies are choosing to not grow because of ObamaCare penalties, the cost is far too high for small companies to absorb, it takes other more cost effective health care options off the table, and many of the mandates contained in ObamaCare are forcing some companies to choose between staying in operations or stay open and enact these mandates against the better moral judgement. Larger companies like HobbyLobby can fight back, but many small companies can’t afford to and close. Sad. It’s a garbage law that should be repealed quickly so the economy can BOOM!! – Fanndis Goldbraid

I can no longer afford insurance due to the price increases and will be uninsured for the first time. That is the fact. 100% increase on my premiums. – rcasey2012

Two healthy adults one in his 60’s and one almost 60 will be paying 24,000 in 2017 for a basic plan… no thanks… we’ll be paying the penalty tax which we shouldn’t have too. This guy has rocks in his head! – Paula Kinziger


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