Image, Mandela Effect: North Pole Land Mass, Belinda Carlisle Video

The easy way out is to say that somebody ordered some wonky Earth globes. The problem is that this isn’t the first anomaly regarding the North Pole to be in the ME category. In my original timeline, there was an Arctic area known as the North Pole, where the mythical Santa Claus lived. It was an actual land mass. In this reality, the North Pole was always cold ocean. This new anomaly comes from the 1980s Belinda Carlisle video Heaven Is A Place On Earth. The globe in the center has the best view. You can see North America, from the US to Canada. Instead of broken icy islands and an empty spot of ocean, we see a wide swath of land going all the way to the north of Russia. Who needs the Bering Strait now, if you can travel over the top of the world?


North Pole on Earth globe, from Yahoo search

Heaven Is A Place On Earth, video by Belinda Carlisle

Reddit article link, where I came across this anomaly

From Reddit: I had this old song on my mind this morning and decided to get reminiscent and watched the video. It’s full of these globes everywhere but I don’t know what planet they got them from because, if it’s Earth, North America is clearly connected to Russia/Asia via a land mass that covers the north pole. Have a look:

Here is the video, there are plenty more shots to look at. It’s hard to imagine they would have used a different globe for that video… – Epiphany Emma


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One comment on “Image, Mandela Effect: North Pole Land Mass, Belinda Carlisle Video

  1. They did use a different globe for this video. To push an agenda thru visual.
    America, asia, and Russia are connected, cuz those are the 3 most powerful world leaders (respectively) and “heaven on earth” is a new world order, a one government world. Where those three are inseparable and indeferencial between.

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