Mandela Effect, False Flag 9/11: Buildings 5 And 6 Now Affected

In my original reality, the Twin Towers fell and WTC Building 7 was the smoking gun, because it was two football fields away and fell due to minor fires, without being hit by any plane. Aussie chicks from One People Round Table covered how Building 6 is a new anomaly, with the structure being cored out and the outer walls left standing. I did not have a post dedicated to this anomaly when Aussie chicks first talked about it, and so I just looked up a corroborating video here from Life Matrix’s channel.

But I’m not done yet. In my next post, you’ll see that WTC Building 4 was somehow vaporized, too.


Title: 911 WTC Bldg 5 & 6 Reality Vote – Mandela Effect ‘d (YT link) Uploaded by Life Matrix.

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