Mandela Effect, False Flag 9/11: WTC Building 4 Now Vaporized

From a ME post on Reddit: WTC4 almost complete toast too as well as wtc1, wtc2, and wtc7 and wtc6! . Some sections were sheared off as if by a knife with no fire damage evident. I was watching a new video and I swear the 911 footage is diff even from a few weeks ago. Now it seems clear from current evidence that a beam weapon was used to vaporize the buildings, the collapse footage is much more dusty and you can see solid structures turn to dust in mid air as they free fall. It looks like hoses of powder being spewed out. And you’ve got circular punch out holes all over the place like from a laser. Plus do any of you remember anything about a bunch of cars that got mysteriously toasted many blocks from the main buildings? These videos on the current conspiracy theory are supposedly 5 years old: The whole event continues to change and the whole pile of evidence and logical story line is different now. – Loony Gecko

Original 9/11 footage of Building 4 below.


Title: 911 WTC4. Where’s the 9-11 debris? Another 9/11 miracle ignored by the 911 commission, FEMA, NIST. (YT link) Uploaded by God Bless America.

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