One People Round Table: Through The Looking Glass

YT description: This may be the strangest round table yet as we struggled to explain the energetic work being done by so many around the world in order to end this ‘game’ we call the matrix/construct.

Oh, and Trump Won !…

Title: One People Round Table 15 Nov 2016 – Through the looking glass (YT link) Uploaded by Lisa M Harrison.

One People Round Table: Through The Looking Glass – (2016) 4 stars

Run time: 2 hours, 4 minutes. This whole deal with Leeloo has been one strange journey. Apparently, the original AI / other-dimensional entity is now gone and a group of infiltrators has come in.

This is how far AI is able to enter the human consciousness, in my opinion. One day, I was busy writing a short story on my desktop, in my apartment that has NO Internet access. I chose a random but distinct female name for a character in my story. A couple of hours later, I took my second computer, a laptop, to another address that DOES have Internet access. As I logged in, one of the first things I did was to check my e-mails. Lo and behold, there is a spam message with a woman’s name on it. The name was the SAME name I had chosen for my story, and the last name was ALSO a last name I had put into on another character into that same story.

Some things I can accept as being merely coincidence. Say I wrote a name down on an e-mail and sent that off, and a bot read that name and suddenly I have a bunch of spam e-mails with similar names on it. I get that I was online and that the bot was reading my messages. However, in my apartment I don’t have an Internet connection, my desktop has Internet access disabled, I don’t have a Smart TV, a Smart phone or any other late model piece of electrical equipment. Deliberately, I have an older fridge, a stereo and my two computers, and very little else I plug in like a small water heater and a cooling fan. There is nothing in my apartment with a Smart chip embedded in it. I can write something down on one computer and somehow this information is ‘collected’ and shows up in an e-mail a short while later, on a separate computer.

I was also looking for more news regarding the strange sounds from the Arctic, but apparently there is a media blackout on that.

I’m a little envious that people from the Unfuckers can pick thoughts and details out of each other’s heads. I can also do that, provided the person in front of me is at or near my brain wave level. Unfortunately, I haven’t had that sort of person around for about a year now.

50 minutes in – I was hoping to get through the show without writing down time markers and turning this into a bigger post. The ladies start talking about synchronicity among likeminded alternative or conspiracy groups. I am seeing the same thing in my own research, like when certain Christian channels agree with the Planet X people, and then a further corroboration pops up with groups like OPRT or other metaphysical channels. Lisa mentions individuals doing there own thing, and yup, that’s me!

1 hour – Dan starts talking about how she and other Unfuckers are feeling like crap. Same here. I’ve been experiencing something like light fevers, sleepiness and lack of energy, despite consciously eating and exercising to keep things like that away.

1:20 – The topic comes up about a large number of people accidentally being announced as dead on CIA Facebook. I don’t know, but I get the same impression that the ladies do, that there are less of ‘us’ on the planet now. This doesn’t mean less human beings en masse, but more like less Awake types and more 2D cardboard people.

1:34 – Lisa brings up breaches in the Matrix. I think this is accurate. I have been seeing a large number of light anomalies around me for the last 5 nights.

At some point, Lisa brings up the Yellow Emperor of China. I just happen to have posted an article on basic Chinese mythology on my writer’s blog during October, as part of research I was doing for a novel. I did read that Yellow Emperor was the first emperor, but I did not dig deep enough to see that he may have been a god or extraterrestrial. I’ll have to keep my eyes open the next time I’m brushing up on the myths.

When I do my own research, I usually don’t hold back on any of my findings, unless they are deeply personal to myself or other individuals. I am disappointed that Lisa has chosen not to divulge the entirety of her findings regarding Leeloo and the deception that followed. I would have put everything all out on the open, instead of covering up this and that as this discussion went on.


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