Manly Hall: Spirit Possession And Psychic Phenomena (Lecture)

This lecture was not at all what its title implies, unless you happen to be a psychologist.


Title: [Occult Lecture] Spirit Possession (Invisible Forces & Psychic Phenomena), Audiobook (YT link) Uploaded by Free Audio Books.

Manly Hall: Spirit Possession And Psychic Phenomena – (2014) 2 stars

Run time: 1 hour, 47 minutes. Based on previous lectures I’ve heard from Manly Hall, and after having done extensive research of my own into similar venues, I’ve long held the suspicion that Hall is more of a Gate Keeper than he is a distributor of truthful information. This suspicion has been solidified after having listened to this specific lecture, the main focus of which should be spirit possession, as in possession by spirits. Instead of dealing and expounding on the topic, Hall steers this talk in a more benign direction. He goes out of his way to corral spiriticism and psychic phenomena within the human mind. Hall blames everything from tension to stress to mental disease to people eating bad food and making themselves sick. At one point, Hall claims that if one were troubled enough, manifestations that can be seen and heard might plague that person. This concept is only a hair’s breadth away from creating independent thought-forms, yet Hall is adamant upon keeping his suppositions as being confined within the minds of individuals.

This is a very easy lecture to debunk. All I have to say are two words: haunted houses. Haunted houses are outside of an individual’s mind, as there are some locations that have been haunted for hundreds of years. This completely contradicts the idea that one person created his own supernatural phenomena in their troubled state, if you can have multiple generations of people and numerous visitors claiming to have experienced strange and even frightening occurrences. Oh, sure, some or maybe even most people might create tales for the attention of it, but not when people leave their houses and belongings behind screaming that they have been attacked by ghosts, as seen in the cases of the Amityville Haunting and the Bell Witch.

Some cases are debatable, such as when serial killers like Al Capone, the Night Stalker and the Son Of Sam claimed that the Devil told them to commit their crimes, but then you also have users of DMT and other psychedelics, as well as practitioners of occult arts and even people who simply meditate like I do. Many of these people claim to have had otherworldly experiences. I know I have! And so all of us are faking the idea of supernatural entities, ever since the beginning of recorded human history and despite the overwhelming evidence?

We will have your materialists who will say that it is all in the mind, but they would be wrong. Just because one person hasn’t experienced a supernatural synchronicity or oddity does not mean a person standing right beside them will view things the same way. I’ve had many witnesses during some of my more harrowing haunts, and also during times of spiritual epiphanies. Whatever these entities might be, they are certainly not within one person’s mind if several people suddenly get the shivers or see a shadow form standing a short distance away. On the date of October 13, 1917, a reported 70,000 people witnessed the supernatural Miracle at Fatima, yet researchers like Hall, who definitely know better, will try to write this off as mass hysteria. In my opinion, the mass hysteria is coming from the Deniers who want to create and hold onto a stable, fully defined version of reality, when in Truth reality rules over us and not the other way around.


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