Occult: 2017 Economist Magazine Cover Analyzed by R Towers

Same image from Kauilapele, with zoom. There is no accompanying article, but here is a link to Kauilapele’s blog out of courtesy.


2017 Economist Magazine Cover Analyzed

By Raymond Towers

First of all, I am not very proficient at reading Tarot cards. I do have a basic idea of what the cards mean, how they are read and what some of the more popular spreads are. I also have a number of resources available to me that I can refer to. The biggest problem here is that the Economist cover shows eight cards, but I don’t know what spread was used. Normally, a spread will have a card for the supplicant, the problem at hand, cards for a past, present and future of the supplicant and / or problem, and a card or two for the solution. I don’t know what spread was used here, if any, or if the cards did not have a spread at all but were simply arranged in a symbolic order. There are multiple eight card spreads, but the cards could be arranged left to right, or clockwise, or they might be set down to read like a rough sentence or a comic book story.

Here is what I’ll be doing. I will write down the eight cards first. Next, I will give the generally accepted descriptions for what the cards mean, and lastly, under the descriptions I’ll jot down my observations on the contemporary elements of artwork depicted on the card images.

Card titles, left to right, top to bottom:

  1. The Tower
  2. Judgment
  3. The World
  4. The Hermit
  5. Death
  6. The Magician
  7. Wheel Of Fortune
  8. The Star

Note that all of these cards are from the Major Arcana. Occult researcher Mark Passio believes the Major Arcana cards represent the macrocosm, or the bigger picture or the world, as opposed to the Minor Arcana that is the microcosm or representing things at a personal / individual level.

General card descriptions and personal observations:

  1. The Tower – The Tower shows the crumbling of stability and the breaking down of all things. It represents change, upheaval and unwanted change. Positively associated with re-evaluation, necessary change, and a blessing in disguise. Negatively associated with sudden change, downfall, disruption, and disaster.

Observations: The lightning striking the tower is most likely symbolic. I see that the tower has a Christian Cross right above its door. There is a message attached to the door, but it is unclear as to what this might signify. I am reminded of Martin Luther posting his Ninety-Five Theses on the door of St. Peter’s Basilica, putting the Catholic Church on notice that they were not entirely divine and could make errors. Also recall that Luther believed the end of the world was coming toward the end of his life.

We see two mobs of people on either side of the tower. To the left is a mob holding up the flag of Soviet Russia, while on the right the second mob is holding a crucified figure representing Jesus on the cross and Christianity. The mobs could signify religions, ideologies or nations. The artist was being very clever here, because whoever drew these images knows very well the state of the world today. These two opposing groups could be a religious conflict or war between Communist Russia and the Christian US, except Russia is no longer Communist but Orthodox Christian, and the US is no longer Christian but, as far as the Zionist media is concerned, Liberal Atheist. The Soviet flag is therefore outdated, and there is no flag showing the United States.

The next question is, are these people fighting against each other, or are they coming together to topple the tower that stands between them? There is an outside chance that the mobs could be Christianity versus Islam, except the artist could not be so blatant and so the Soviet flag was inserted as disinformation. Also, we could go all the way back to Albert Pike’s Masonic book Morals And Dogma, where he predicts three worlds wars, with the third one being the dismantling of contemporary theology in lieu of Luciferianism.

  1. Judgment – Judgment heralds a time of reward. It is the card of wisdom and acceptance. It represents new phases in life and new relationships with the self. Positively associated with rebirth, rejoicing, absolution, new potential, and rewards for past efforts. Negatively associated with guilt, loss, self-reproach, delays, fear, and obstinacy.

Observations: The image shows Donald Trump basically ruling the world. He is wearing a black suit, which fits in well with a card of Judgment. In his right hand is a crown, and in his left hand is a scepter with an eagle as its emblem. These are symbols of monarchy. The eagle is a symbol of ancient Rome and contemporary English regality. That means that the British Crown has approved Trump. This is classic Order Out Of Chaos. The election cycle was the Chaos, and now Trump has become the new Order. It is Trump’s job to subdue the United States under the British Crown. I know this because Trump’s shoes are specifically resting on the United States, and he is specifically sitting on the American flag. If Trump represented a positive image for the US, he might be holding an American flag in his hand or have it as a Superman cape. Instead, he holds regal items in his hands, with the bottom of his feet and his butt resting on US symbols.

  1. The World – The World is the end. The arrival of all the desires you hoped for. It is the beginning and the end, the dream, the hope and wish itself. Positively associated with fulfillment, completion, satisfaction, joy, wholeness, and success. Negatively associate with stagnation, lack of will, impatience, and delays.

Observations: If Card 1 represents Chaos, and Card 2 stands for Order, then this card stands for the End Game. This is the inception of the New World Order, now that all of the pieces are in place. Rome has risen once again. At the bottom of the image, we see institutions connected together. These images are resting on top of the world. I believe they represent (One World) Banking, Religion and Government. All three buildings are Masonic. Next, and also connected, we see a closed book, a landscape picture and two masks representing the concept of ‘smile now, cry later.’ These are systems of control. The book is shut, therefore one cannot read it or gain knowledge from it. The portrait is most probably a distraction for the Sheeple, such as Illuminati movies or TV programs have become. The two masks represent control over the emotions. This is the wet dream for The Powers That Be, to have their institutions so completely controlling the rest of us.

In the top tier, we have three more images. Note that these last images are NOT connected like all the others. This exemplifies how the ‘Elite’ believe they are far above the level of the rest of humanity. From left to right they are a personal portrait, an image of the sun and an open book. The portrait could possibly show Lucifer, or Apollyon, Enki or Satan, whoever the Illuminati ultimately believe in. The sun is a tough symbol for me to decipher, as there are interpretations of Jesus / Horus as the sun, or Saturn as the sun of the Greek Golden Age or the Illuminati sun of Enlightenment as seen on the top of the pyramid, on the back of the US dollar. Because the bad guys are the ones who put this cover together, I’m leaning toward Saturn or the All-Seeing Eye. Last, we have a book, but look, this time the book is opened. Here is the knowledge of the Elite which they can read and learn freely, unlike the rest of us who have to settle for books that are closed.

  1. The Hermit – The Hermit is a solitary person, one who looks for answers within and away from others. He represents a time for solitude and peace. Positively associated with introspection, solitude, guidance, advice, and patience. Negatively associated with obstinacy, suspiciousness, fear, impatience, folly, and arrogance.

Observations: This is the toughest card to decipher so far, because the imagery is not negative for me. I am the Hermit. I’ve been the Hermit for half a dozen years now. The Hermit stands to one side and watches the world turn. He sees how people are easily led around by their lust for power, their wallets or their genitals. The Hermit stands apart and observes and gains wisdom from his observations.

In the image, the masses are marching and protesting through the land. The world is cracked and divided on the bottom right corner of the card. Above the world is a hill, and above the hill is the Hermit. With his long beard, his blood red robe and his staff, the Hermit looks a lot like a Druid, who represents magic and occult knowledge. In fact, the figure looks to be standing on a pedestal more so than on a hill. He’s holding a lantern out before him. Why? The Hermit doesn’t need a lantern, because he has already set himself apart through his wisdom. The reason the Hermit is holding out his lantern is not because he needs illumination, rather he is becoming illumination for others to see. This is the primary reason I write my blog.

  1. Death – The Death card symbolizes anything but that. It is a card of release and starting over. It represents the absolute, both the end and the beginning. Positively associate with endings, transformation, clearance, and sweeping change. Negatively associated with stagnation, loss of opportunity, loss of friendship, and fear of change.

Observations: In my opinion, the Death card gets a bad rap thanks to popular perception and media sensationalism. The Death card is a lot like the Hindu god Shiva, who is MALE, people! In Westernized thinking, Death is the absolute end, just like the Sheep portray Shiva as the god of destruction. Both presumptions are incorrect. The Tarot and Hinduism work on cyclical patterns.

This is the Riddle of the Sphinx: At dawn, what walks on four legs, at noon on two legs and in the evening on three legs? That is Man, or a Human if you will, who as a baby crawls, as an adult walks on two feet and as an older person ambles along with a cane. All of the truly spiritual disciplines understand the importance of the cycle. This is like in physics, when it is stated that matter does not appear or disappear, but instead matter changes its form from solid to energy and so on. The Death card is not finality, but a transition between one state and the next. In a similar concept, the followers of Shiva will know that it is necessary for one thing to be finished before the next thing can begin. Materialists such as those in the United States fear Death, while more spiritual people such as Mexicans go out of their way to celebrate it.

Look at the card image closely. It shows everything you might find in the Roman Bible, from locusts in the sky to dying crops and dying fish. We have an atomic blast and Death on a white horse grinning at all the destruction. Think about that, and contrast that with the idea of the previous cards that show the careful implementation of a New World Order. If the Elite worked so hard to set things up the way they have, do you really think they’re going to destroy all of it right after? Who are they going to rule over if there is nobody left to rule? Sure, you can say that they want Population Reduction, and you would be right, because too many people Waking up will surely disrupt the plans the Elite have set up for themselves. However, most narrow-minded Sheep will point at this Death card and jump up and down, saying ‘this is what they want’ or ‘this is what they are going to do!”

We must always be vigilant, but we must also be aware that the Elite will throw out red herrings to keep the people running around in circles, just like when Reptile Soros funds protests and riots, and the controlled news media present this as being an organic movement. The Tarot meaning of the Death card and the image presented are two very different things.

  1. The Magician – The Magician is a person of new opportunities and ambition. He has incredible willpower, but is often overcome by his emotions. Positively associated with confidence, individuality, willpower, new beginnings, and inner potential. Negatively associated with trickery, deception, lack of compassion, indecision, and abuse of power.

Observations: Once again, we have the overarching motif of Order Out Of Chaos. The Magician is stubborn in getting what he or she wants. The Magician will set up the path he wants the Sheep to follow. We saw this with the Obama administration, and we are already seeing the same thing from Trump. People were dissatisfied with the status quo right before Obama came to power, as much as people were more recently during this last election cycle. This is part of what the Elite Magician might do; get the people riled up and frustrated, and just when it looks as if the people are getting ready to revolt, give them a salvation figure to follow. Is it a coincidence that the Magician card shows up right after a period of great change from the Death card?

The image is very interesting. We have a man dressed most likely in Roman garb. Above this man’s head is the Infinity symbol, and around his head is the Roman halo of the sun, or Enlightenment. The man holds a staff to signify power, but there are no identifying marks for me to analyze further. Covering his eyes are a set of virtual reality glasses, and with his other hand the man pushes a button. The button activates a machine that creates homes, or products / merchandise on an assembly line, and the machine is marked with the symbols for ‘3D.’ I’m not as sure of this interpretation as I was with some of the others, but in essence, I believe this shows us that Rome is creating the illusion of reality for the rest of us to follow, and has been creating the illusion for a long time now.

  1. Wheel Of Fortune – The Wheel of Fortune is a sign of fates spinning round and round bringing in a new era. It represents the randomness of life and what comes at you. Positively associated with destiny, movement, vision, good luck, new cycle, and synchronicity. Negatively associated with obstacles, temporary bad luck, and unpleasant surprises.

Observations: The Wheel Of Fortune card traditionally represents novelty. That is, good things or bad things might come along, but they come to help a person mature and to gain wisdom and experience. The Wheel Of Fortune is not supposed to be controlled, but in the image, we see that it is being manipulated.

We see the flags of three nations displayed. Clockwise, they are Germany, Luxembourg and France. I suppose the leaders of these countries are shown tied to the Wheel Of Fortune, but the only one clearly recognizable is Germany’s dismantler Merkel. The sun is over France, and the French leader is smiling. By contrast, storm clouds are plaguing Germany’s Merkel. She is wearing red. Either this woman or perhaps even her entire country may be a sort of sacrifice being planned out for the future. Lastly, we have the leader of Luxembourg, who does not look very much like Prime Minister Bettel. Well, maybe slightly in the hair and forehead, but Bettel is a hefty fellow in his pictures, while the figure in the Tarot card has a big head and smaller face. Below this fellow from Luxembourg are what I see as ballot boxes with Xes on them. Does this mean that Luxembourg’s fate has not been decided upon, or that it has? The fellow isn’t colored red as Merkel is, but to the east of Luxembourg is Germany and to the south lies France. Well, his tie is blood red, so perhaps his sacrifice will be smaller than whatever is in store for Germany. At any rate, we will have to wait and see how this plays out.

  1. The Star – The Star is a beacon shining through the darkness, a guiding light. It represents renewal of faith, hope and youth. Positively associated with hope, generosity, serenity, wishes coming true, good health, and spiritual awareness. Negatively associated with self-doubt, lack of trust, cynicism, and pessimism.

Observations: Normally, the Star identifies with positive outcomes. However, in this case we must ask, positive for whom? There is the symbolism of Order Out Of Chaos yet again, or of the Phoenix / Roman Eagle rising out of its ashes. The Star pierces through the veil of obscurity to give prospects of a bright future.

The symbolism for this image is very odd. We have 15 symbols in the foreground and 10 in the background for a total of 25. All of the symbols represent stars or suns, except for the comet with a long trail directly in the center. The larger eight-pointed stars have pictures of young people or children in them. At a guess, five of these are images of boys and ten are girls. All of these pictures show dark hair except for a blonde down on the left. I zoomed in until the images were all pixelated, but I could not recognize any of them.

Below the stars is a dark red planet with volcanoes, not craters, all over its surface. I don’t know what the stars symbolize, or what the images of the young people inside of them are for. Hope for the future, perhaps?

An intriguing part of this card is the comet in the center, except I don’t think this is a comet. The tail of this object is wider than the actual object, which is not typical of your usual comets. At some points, the tail looks to be twice as wide as the object forming it. With all of the interest and even hysteria surrounding the enigmatic Planet X, I wonder if this card is showing us a Nibiru fly-by. After having gone through all eight cards now, I see that this last card is the toughest one to match to its corresponding Tarot meaning. The Star has more to do with positive outlook than it does with astronomy, yet the imagery shows us heavenly bodies with faces on many of them. I don’t know what that means!


  1. The Tower – breaking down of a widely accepted paradigm
  2. Judgment – a crafted world leader in Donald Trump
  3. The World – they have us right where they want us
  4. The Hermit – a scant few will comprehend what is happening
  5. Death – reaffirmation of collapse and rebuilding or rebooting
  6. The Magician – the Hidden Hand controls our paths
  7. Wheel Of Fortune – the Hidden Hand shows us their plans
  8. The Star – the bad guys hope their plans will see success

In short, Donald Trump is now the new executive arm of the New World Order, just like Obama was before him. The plan is in motion, and we will see how well it will be implemented in the coming year. These people expect to be successful, if I have this right, by the time Planet X makes its fly-by.

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2 comments on “Occult: 2017 Economist Magazine Cover Analyzed by R Towers

  1. Good article – makes one think.

    I looked for the economic slant, considering the source and would add this;

    Wheel of fortune – I think this shows the Finance Ministers for France; Christine Legarde (wearing skirt) and Luxembourg; Pierre Gramegna, both of whom are also IMF – (Legarde being its current head). Merkel is not Finance Minister for Germany, but undoubtedly wears the metaphorical trousers; she has also ruffled the feathers of the IMF previously.

    All three nations are Eurozone, so I would speculate that is what the wheel represents whilst the ballot boxes beneath show the potential undermining of it by the Brexit result and the apparent expressed desire to emulate it by certain other EU member states.

    There’s probably a lot a more a more financially savvy reader could find to add to my slim pickings. Doubtless there’s a heads up in there for those in the know.

    • I appreciate the insight, as I wasn’t looking in the financial direction but more along the lines of what Trump’s election means for the US. For whatever reason, the clues are a lot more straightforward then they have been in the covers of previous years. This directness is also an anomaly.

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