Ancient Bolivia: The Unexplained Structures Of Puma Punku

YT description: “The ruins of Puma Punku are one of four structures in the ancient city of Tiahuanaco. The others three structures are; The Akapana Pyramid, the Kalasasaya Platform, and the Subterranean Temple… Even with modern day technology and information, these structures defy logic, and confound those who seek to solve the mysteries that lie within them. The ruins of Puma Punku are said to be the most fascinating, and most confusing of all… They are arguably the oldest, and most baffling ruins on the face of the Earth.”

Title: The Unexplained Structures of Puma Punku (YT link) Uploaded by Pam Nickel T Jones.

The Unexplained Structures Of Puma Punku – (2016) 3 stars

Run time: 36 minutes. This short documentary is okay, but it does get a little tedious at points, and it really doesn’t present anything new that hasn’t been covered in depth in other presentations. There is some speculation from ancient legends that hasn’t really been corroborated so far.


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