One People Round Table: Detaching From The Construct

YT description: Distraction vs Detachment seems to have been the theme of this past week. Distractions are being tossed at us, left, right, and centre.

Dramas to pull us in, Diversions to take our attention, Deflections to confuse us, Disarray, Disquiet, Discord and Doubts to baffle, bewilder, beguile, and just plain fuck us up.

It seems that the more we detach from this construct, the more it desperately tries to pull us back in, by any means it can. This weeks One People Show is a discussion of Distraction vs Detachment, looking at the breaking down of the matrix, and once again the huge amount of synchronous dreams that are happening for a lot of people right now. We also dig into the latest Leelu updates, and discuss the real vs psyop question.

… and yet again, we went over time. lol.

Title: One People Round Table 22 Nov 2016 – Detaching from the Construct (YT link) Uploaded by Lisa M Harrison.

One People Round Table: Detaching From The Construct – (2016) 4 stars

Run time: 2 hours, 23 minutes. Numerous topics are covered, as usual. The ladies are shifting away from Mandela Effect and the Leeloo entity, and becoming more and more detached from reality. That is pretty much where I am also, so that will be the big synchronicity for this episode. Life in general is becoming more and more surreal for me.

The ladies give their audience a chance to share their personal experiences. We hear a lot of very different points of view. You would think that there is one ultimate Truth that all people are being directed toward, but this is not the case. A lot of the testimonies point to personal and unique life experiences. All of these are valid, even if they contradict what you might be going through in your own life. This further validates my reasoning that there is no single answer that will encompass everyone. The construct is not built with a concrete structure but within a fluid environment. If this is an accurate theory, and experience is individual / subjective, then necessarily it corroborates the idea that our souls are not all at the same level. Expanding on that further, the god of one person might be in kindergarten, while the god of the next person over might be a college professor. Can you comprehend what will happen if the kindergarten deity is put in charge of the entire world? If we as complex souls living unique lives are not allowed to advance at our own individual pace, then we all get clumped together and end up near the bottom of the pile where the majority is.

You get the picture: New World Order, Divide And Conquer, Sheep mentality, etc. All that is meant to suppress individual ascension and to homogenize humanity into the chattel that the elite think we are. Don’t fall for it! Do your own research, expand your mind and come to your own conclusions. I think we really are heading for a big crux moment in the near future, like the ladies in the OPRT keep mentioning. Even the Christians from the WSO Planet X channel are reporting dimensional and spiritual shifts! Bottom line; find your Truth away from the established paradigms, which are proven false, and hold onto that Truth. You might have to keep that Truth to yourself, because too many people can’t handle it when others stray away from their idea of a ‘norm.’ Or you might do what I do, which is to be blatant about it and challenge the Sheep to use an intelligent argument and / or evidence to prove me wrong. The Sheep can’t win. They start name-calling after my first volley and their arguments crumble apart after that. Don’t let their personal biases control your life.

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