Zeph Daniels: PIZZAGATE Banned And Fake News Censorship

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Title: Update #PizzaGate Banned, Used For Fake News Censorship (YT link) Uploaded by Zeph Daniel.

Zeph Daniel: PIZZAGATE Banned And ‘Fake News’ Censorship – (2016) 5 stars

Run time: 51 minutes. Daniel gives us a harsh reality, when he say that it is too late to do anything about the Podesta Pedo Ring and the proven links to the Hildabeast. Is he right about that? I would have to say that most likely, the answer is yes. Every time that you, as an American citizen, think that your voice or your vote matters, I want you to think back to this show and see how false your world paradigm is. In so many ways, the US is the land of the depraved and the home of the sheep.

This is exactly how the pedophile network covers their tracks in countries such as Australia, Canada and the UK. They wave their right hand up in the air to distract the masses, while the left hand is hastily sweeping the pedo scandals under the rug. They will distract us with False Flags, false accusations and even start wars to avoid having the spotlight focus on them. They will use the courts to stifle Truth, the media to shift the blame over to the whistleblowers and honest reporters. They will make their threats, cause evidence to be suppressed or ‘lost,’ and even make people disappear before any testimony is heard in court.

Just look at what they’ve done already. The FBI is in the pedophile’s pockets. The members of the NYPD who said they would release the evidence to the public are probably seeing their lives and their families’ lives threatened. Kanye West has been institutionalized, because his lone voice could reach and influence the entire hip-hop crowd in the United States. The New York Times is defending the pedos. The controlled Zionist media is making a fuss about new forms of censorship. The same shills who attack Truthers on the forums over Chemtrails and Planet X are now doing using their same tactics to discredit those of us who can put two and two together. And look at the new master puppet Trump, who has already backpedaled several times on his campaign promises before even being sworn in. The Clintons are good people, Trump says, and they’ve worked very hard for our country. At the same time, this hypocrite badmouths Ed Snowden and the Alt-Right. Trump has said nothing about Chemtrails, Fluoride or Vaccines. He’s reneged on his accusations of the Hildabeast, he’s not talking about hired thug cops using live grenades on unarmed protesters in North Dakota, and he has especially not said anything about these pedophile e-mails from Wikileaks.

This scandal could take down a quarter or a third of US congressmen, but guess what? It won’t. These corrupt animals have too much influence and wield too much power. The Zionists are probably making deals with them now, trading their media protection for future favors. The congressmen always accept these deals, because their love for power is always stronger than their love for their fellow men and women. PIZZAGATE is going to disappear unless we have a new and incorruptible group come in to weather the storm that Reddit and 4Chan are embroiled in right now. Thanks to the apathy of the American public, people like me, Truthers, are always going to be on the lunatic fringe.

Young people are out chasing Pokemon, men are debating quarterbacks and women have been marginalized. Professional protesters and agitators are further dividing the masses who are too dumb to see the manipulation. Meanwhile, the pedophile elite is breathing a collective sigh that they almost, almost got exposed, while more children will disappear and be taken into kill rooms like the one under Comet Ping Pong. That, ladies and gentlemen of the United States, is the real country you live in.


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