Crow Podcast 26: Jungle Surfer, Foundational Fraud, Nuke Hoax

I get the NASA lie and its Masonic inception. I don’t get this idea that dinosaurs and nukes are fake. Crow brings these topics up every so often, but I’m not seeing it so far. I see the evidence of dinosaurs in ancient artwork. I have watched a couple of ‘nukes are fake’ videos, but all I’m seeing is debatable, faith based or biased evidence, almost the same as I get from the Flat Earth people.

For dino proof, see my post: OOPARTS: The Mosaic Of Palestrina Shows People Living With Dinosaurs


YT description: In this episode cover many challenging topics with the Jungle Surfer. The NUKE hoax among them but even dinosaurs and gender games from elite bloodlines is covered. If you are ready to think about new possibilities this is the place to be but be sure to bring an open mind or much of this will be a waste of time.
Jungle Surfer:…

Title: 026 Foundational Fraud & the NUKE Hoax with Jungle Surfer (YT link) Uploaded by Crrow777.


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