Mark Passio: Trump Election, Pedophile Network And The Future

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YT description: Mark Passio: 2016 – Trump, Order Followers, Pedophilia, Satanism, Control Matrix, AI & Ascension
Interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre
What On Earth Is Happening
Interview Date: November 9, 2016

Title: Mark Passio: 2016 – Trump, Order Followers, Pedophilia, Satanism, Control Matrix, AI & Ascension (YT link) Uploaded by Alfred Lambermont Webre.

Mark Passio: Trump Election, Pedophile Network And The Future – (2016) 4 stars

Run time: 1 hour, 50 minutes. Passio paints a very bleak picture of the future of the Unites States in this interview. I can’t really say he’s off by too much. I understand that Donald Trump is simply the next puppet in a long line of them, and that the system will not break away from its servitude until somebody like third party candidate Jill Stein makes it into power. However, I still held out a hope that Trump would change at least a few things for the better and not plunge us into World War III as the Hildabeast vowed to. What I am seeing now is that Trump is backpedaling already, before he even gets to his official post. That tells me that he’s clearing the field before Inauguration Day for even more New World Order shenanigans. Most likely, the Surveillance / Police State and the coddling of Zionist Israel will be prominent in Trump’s administration.

Here is what I think Passio hasn’t come to terms with yet. He is angry because there are too many Sheep out there, and because they refuse to see the huge warning signs and clues that the rest of us are studying and deciphering. I would say, Mark, buddy, those Sheep are incapable of changing. These young souls will always cling to what they perceive to be the ultimate authority. If you want proof, just look at how the liberal snowflakes have been reacting to Confederate flags, Halloween costumes and Civil War statues at the instigation of the popular media and their liberal arts colleges. The Sheep have always been and will always be lemmings. These are the people that I call 2D, or two-dimensional mannequins, made of flesh and blood but without the true spark of Enlightenment to allow deeper understanding and Ascension to higher planes. Unless an advanced soul ‘steps in’ to one of these 2D characters, they will not ever open their eyes to the Truth, even if the Truth slaps them across the face like a two by four.

Another thing that Passio is missing is that we don’t really need 99% of the world to Wake up in order to see a positive change. The system CAN be fixed, because it is a tool and not a weapon. I think the figure was that only 7% or 9% or Americans fought in the US Civil War. If only 1% of the Elite banksters can control the entire world, then getting even 5% of the population to Wake up may be enough to counter the Elite and the entities they deal with behind the scenes. The Yin / Yang balance will always exist because that is the way the Hologram Universe was constructed, to swing back and forth like a very slow pendulum. You will always have varying degrees of good versus evil, but I think the pendulum has been leaning toward the negative for too long and is on its way back into the positive range.

I still sense that a Great Awakening is taking place right now, and so do a lot of others, but a Great Awakening is not the same thing as a Global Awakening or even a Mass Awakening. Those slivers of hope Passio refers to are the seeds only starting to bud. It will take generations before the seed sprouts, and generations more before we see the petals and finally the blossom. The key here is to patiently keep planting those seeds in a broad, general sense. Every individual can start a tiny little vibration that will resonate with someone else, and in time these become bigger vibrations and waves that sweep out and will cut great swaths into enemy territory. It isn’t as simple as flicking on a light switch and saying, okay, now we’re bathed in Light.

I don’t think the bad guys can stop this from happening. If they could have, their chosen candidate Hildabeast would be looking forward to being sworn into office. That didn’t happen, despite all the vote rigging and fraud and lies. Why not? Hildabeast did not win because the Universe has started the process of correcting itself into another cyclical season, like the change from winter to spring. Sure, Trump is going to do a lot of things for his NWO masters, but he won’t do as many things as Hildabeast would have. The person who comes in after Trump will do even less than that, because just by having Trump in the White House has given people all over the world hope. The hope and belief that things are finally going to get better will propel the public consciousness away from the Obama decline and into a new era. This is exactly why The Powers That Be were using one False Flag after another, one Illuminati half-time show after another and continual media blasting of negative energies. They were trying to prevent people from discovering hope, and they failed.

Trump can still turn anti-Christ, so buyer beware. If from the outset he starts to persecute the Alt-Right and goes after whistleblowers, then things can very quickly go downhill. I think that under the Hildabeast, and based on the Clinton legacy of drug smuggling, sex scandals and outright murder, we could have gotten a severely evil presidency that would have included mass imprisonments, torment, torture and executions. This is the sort of criminality that was taking place under the watch of Jesuit General Bergoglio during the 1980s in Argentina, and this man has gone on to become the evil person we know as Pope Francis. If you don’t think this can happen, look at how fast nations like Venezuela unraveled, and at the turmoil that is taking place in Western Europe thanks to the forced immigrant infestation. After fomenting calamity during the Arab Spring, the Ukraine Crisis and even now during the Snowflake Protests, the globalists realize that a great purge must take place in the US population before their agendas are running on greased wheels again. Hildabeast would have made that happen, but she’s not going to get that chance. Trump is expected to make that happen as well.

Do you really think that the demonizing of alternative news media, conservatives, Tea Party members, war veterans and patriots will end? Do you really think we won’t have any more Jade Helm military exercises or less worries about FEMA camps? Has Trump said anything about Chemtrails, fluoride, vaccines and pedophile networks? Don’t be a sucker. All you’re looking at is the right NWO butt cheek, after 8 years of having looked at the left one. Put a little perfume and make-up on it, and the Sheep are easily mesmerized into thinking they have a new savior.

Thanks to the occult Masons, the Jesuits and the Zionists, the United States has become a country of filth. They are so deeply entrenched that, like I said, it will take several generations to weed them all out. Superman / Jesus will not show up to do the job for us, and so I guess some of us will have to step up and shout at the top of our lungs until we do get that positive wave of change to happen.

Passio calls himself an anarchist. This works fine for individuals, but it doesn’t work at all for establishing families and communities. Shooting things out like a desperado, figuratively or literally, will not provide viable answers or lasting change. What will change a nation is when the majority of its legal citizens changes their perception and institutes that change. Just like the liberal Zionists instituted Feminism, Multi-Culturalism and Snowflake Syndrome, they can be un-instituted and replaced by better ideologies, but first all those liberal arts professors and colleges have to be brought down. The bad guys planted their seeds and nearly brought them to fruition, but they got caught up in their own vines and exposed. Now it is our turn to start reversing that process.


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