Nibiru Channel’s Scott: Latest On Planet X, Coordinates, Asteroids

No idea how to spell this guy’s last name. He runs the Nibiru Planet X 2016 channel on Youtube, and he has been getting a tremendous amount of persecution for his efforts, as other Planet X Truthers are getting. There is a lot of good and interesting information presented here.


YT description: Scott is founder of YouTube Channel Nibiru Planet X 2016
He is a former Advertising Executive that now has over 30,000 astute subscribers and many of them send in video footage, pictures, white papers and various data pointing to Planet X aka Nibiru.
Scott tells us where to point a Telescope and where you can see Planet X with the naked eye.
We also look at several images taken from different people around the world of what could be Enormous Satellites that many believe are used to simulate the Suns light.
He also shares with us images of an asteroid he says is nearly a mile long close to the earth.
Various footage of what looks like Gigantic Spaceships that look similar to the Anunnaki Symbols from Ancient Summeria.

Title: Latest Nibiru, Planet X 2016 Coordinates & Mile Long Asteroid Spotted, Close to Earth Orbit (YT link) Uploaded by Leak Project.


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