PIZZAGATE: Infowars Backpedals – What Have We Found So Far?

This is the biggest scandal since False Flag 9/11. Alex Jones has been clamoring about pedophile rings for years and years. Now that Jones and crew have the opportunity to spearhead the charge against the globalists they rail about so much, what are they doing? These sellouts are sitting back and crossing their fingers that somebody else will do their investigative journalism for them. Oh, yeah, Jones can take his bullhorn and squawk all over the place when it comes to protests and other events, he can go and try to pick a staged fight with the Young Turds, but he can’t get his ass up to Washington and point his cameras into the windows of Comet Ping Pong, Besta Pizza and Red Fox? Bullshit!

‘We don’t even know if the FBI is investigating this or not?’ – Infowars

Really? So that’s a good enough reason not to hammer this story into the public consciousness like CNN does with their False Flags? Jones, with his ‘I have hundreds of documents proving FEMA camps are real,’ his rants about defeating the globalist masters and his tirades about the Spirit Of 1776 can’t do anything but have his staff sit at their desks and chatter back and forth like the lamestream media does? Again, I say bullshit!


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Title: What Is #PizzaGate ? What Have We Found So Far ? (YT link) Uploaded by Hillary For Prison 2016.

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