The First Book Of Adam And Eve by Rutherford Platt (Audiobook)

There is also a Second book of Adam and Eve and a third Slavonic text. I may cover these other two volumes in the future. The description describes this as Gnostic, but it isn’t really. It is more Christian fable.


YT description: ‘The Conflict of Adam and Eve with Satan’ or ‘The First Book of Adam and Eve’ is a part of the Apocrypha (Dead Sea Scroll or Gnostic Gospels) written by Rutherford Hayes Platt

Title: The Conflict of Adam and Eve with Satan (Gnostic Audiobook) Dead Sea Scroll (YT link) Uploaded by Free Audio Books For Intellectual Exercise.

The First Book Of Adam And Eve by Rutherford Platt – (2013) 2 stars

Run time: 3 hours, 11 minutes. Do you have any idea how corrupted the fables of the Bible have become over time? When the King James Bible was written circa 1619, 13 books were intentionally removed. These have become known as the Apocrypha. I’ve seen these books in Spanish language Catholic Bibles. Next we have up to 24 possible books that are mentioned in the Bible, but which are not included. That brings our total of deliberately obfuscated material up to 37 books. Since the 4th century CE, that is, since the time of Constantine, researchers have come up with a list of 170 books that were omitted or associated with the Bible. Here is an estimate that will stagger you. Although only about half the titles are known to us, the figure of books missing from the Bible or associated with the Bible may be as high as 600. Contrast that with the meager 66 books we have left!

Of course, you will have your brainwashed Deniers who will scratch, spit and kick that it was their divine interpretation of god who winnowed the number down over the ages. That is exactly what Roman indoctrination wants people to think, and that is why Rome was able to plunder and murder so much during the Middle Ages, all in the name of said pure and holy god. Constantine and King James were stalwart examples of the high moral fiber which god would expect from his followers… Actually, that part is correct. The Bible is full of liars, cheaters, adulterers and murderers committing their heinous and immoral crimes with the full blessing of their Canaanite deity. The Chosen People, as we all know, can get away with anything they want. It’s not murder if the Pope ordains it!

Anyway, back to this First Book Of Adam And Eve. You have your Apocrypha, your Nag Hammadi Library, and your Pseudeipgrapha. The First Book belongs to the last of these categories. When this book was in its heyday, it was part of the known Jewish writings of the time. It is obviously a book of fantasy in today’s perspective, but back then this First Book was making the rounds of oral tradition, circa 500 to 100 BCE, right along with all the other Jewish fables. The Jews knew these were fables, because these stories were created and / or enhanced after the Hellenistic Greek era, and during the time when Aesop’s Fables and Homer’s epics were being reinvented among the peoples. The Jewish people of the time knew they were reading dime store novels, soap operas or the comic books of that age. It was only after Constantine commissioned the contemporary religious authorities to organize the Bible that Rome decided to push the idea that the Official Canon was real. It’s real, and if you say otherwise you are a heretic who must be burned at the stake! Thanks, Rome!

Basically, in this First Book Of Adam And Eve, you have a lot of bullshit going on. Adam and Eve go Emo and suicidal in the first section, until they finally outgrow their days of teenage angst and stabilize. Well, maybe their troubles aren’t completely over, as god, Satan and the angels all take their turns thrashing them. Adam and Eve drown, fall down the sides of mountains, get roasted and even beat up. God, because he is such a good, divine being, brings them back to life over and over again, mostly because he and Satan haven’t had enough of punching A and E’s lights out yet. At one point, A and E are living under a rock, and at another the clouds are taking them from one location to another like flying carpets would. God and Satan have equal might, and actually, Satan has the upper hand here. Repeatedly, and I mean maybe a dozen times, Satan approaches Adam or Eve and convinces them he is really god, and each and every time, these ultimate suckers fall for it!

No wonder all of these additional books were thrown into the back of the Vatican’s closet. People only need to read three or four of them before they start drawing parallels to the stuff that actually made it into the Bible. Wait a minute, these people will think, this official, canonical book reads like a watered down version of an obvious fantasy non-Bible book! And that’s exactly what took place. Constantine and other ‘divinely inspired’ sorts have been filtering the ridiculous parts and leaving behind the stuff you or I might see in our everyday lives. Oh, occasionally slip-ups do occur, such as when we get talking, four-legged snakes tempting dumb heroines with sex, oops, that’s the Jewish version. I meant, tempting dumb heroines with forbidden fruits, and then the dumb heroine turns to the dumb hero and does the same thing. What does that say about the human mind, when after over 2000 years people still can’t tell the difference between fact and distorted fiction?

I’m going to walk into a comic book store one of these days. I will proclaim that the Batman books are obviously false, and then turn around and say that the Superman comics are totally real. That’s right, we’re going to have this superhero wearing a blue suit with a red cape come down from the skies to save us… No, that sounds too corny and farfetched, doesn’t it? Let’s get rid of the costume and dress the Superman Messiah with a robe and sandals instead, and let’s make him look like a handsome Renaissance guy with a stylish goatee. There we go, now we’re ready to pitch the idea to the masses, with a little coercion of course, and if the masses don’t agree, some torture and murder until they do agree. We will have to buy up all the Superman comic books and hide them, before the dumb masses figure out where we go the idea. Oh, snap! Somebody found the Nag Hammadi Library, and somebody found the Dead Sea Scrolls! What are we going to do now?


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