Augusto Perez: Revelation 12, Planet X And Trump As King Cyrus

YT description: Great discussion with Brother Augusto Perez – Founder of The Appearance Ministries and the

We have a thought provoking conversation and discussion regarding, his visions and dreams, he claims to be from God.

The coming of the Great day of the Lord, with over 60 correlating scriptures in the Holy Bible described in detail

Revelation 12 date Uncovered and its less than a year away.

Title: Revelation 12 Date & Red Dragon Confirmed – Is Donald Trump a Modern King Cyrus? Brother Perez (YT link) Uploaded by Leak Project.

Augusto Perez: Revelation 12, Planet X And Trump As King Cyrus – (2016) 5 stars

Run time: 57 minutes. A few times in the recent past, I have mentioned how I am seeing a convergence of mindsets from varying ideologies toward the dire prospect of a pending Extinction Level Event. I see Christians, spiritualists, occult researchers and conspiracy theorists all looking in the same direction: something big is coming, and it is going to affect all of us in a major way, so get your spiritual house in order. You can add Brother Augusto Perez into that same collection of the wide Awake.

This man already has a lot of things down that most people refuse to take into consideration: the globalist agenda, False Flags, Reptile Soros, etc. From his Christian point of view, he knows how to filter through history and mythology, gleaning insight from the Kolbrin Bible, ancient Egypt, the book of Revelation and more. On top of all that, Perez states that he receives visions and signs from god in the form of validation and synchronicity. In my viewpoint, this broad base of wisdom is where people need to be, mentally and spiritually, and regardless of their personal ideology or dogma.

The interpretation of Revelation 12 paralleling a potential arrival of Planet X is fascinating. Others have made this connection before for this as an end of the world event or the beginning of the Biblical Tribulation, but very few people have the sort of deep understanding Perez has. The new Doom Date is September 23, 2017. Is it a coincidence that The Powers That Be have hyped this same date of September 23 for the last two years, through strange Pope visits and United Nations meetings, and even through the Illuminati game cards from the 1990s? We were supposed to have Alien Disclosure last 9/23, and the Pope declare himself as god of this world, the Anti-Christ, the year before that. I will put some research into a Doom Date if enough circumstantial warrants a closer look. However, after the media debacle that reduced 12/21/2012 from a date of potential Enlightenment and Ascension, into nothing more than fear mongering and hysteria, I won’t point to any single date anymore. Recently, the Blood Moon / Tetrad incidents were uneventful and used to scare the public, and there have been other, less spectacular planetary alignments that were supposed to be life-altering, but were not. Bottom line: keep the date of September 23 in the back of you mind, but don’t let it override your common sense. Like the saying goes, expect for the best but prepare for the worst.

I hadn’t heard about this Trump / King Cyrus connection before it was mentioned here in this interview. I’ve contemplated similar rumors before, where Prince Charles, Obama or that guy from Greece could be the next Anti-Christ, researching and finding these rumors to be a lot more speculation than actual fulfillment of Bible prophecy. At the same time, the idea that Obama is a reincarnation of Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaten still makes sense to me because of the all the parallels between the two. That’s just too much coincidence for me to easily dismiss, and where there is smoke, undoubtedly there will be fire. I will be taking a closer look at this King Cyrus idea in the near future, to see if it there is any meat to it.


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