Edgar Cayce: Atlantis And The Yucatan Hall Of Records

For more like this, search for my post on Kirk Nelson and the Egyptian Hall Of Records. In a few minutes, I will be posting a lecture by Manly Hall on Atlantis.


YT description: Cayce’s Three Atlantean Halls of Record were located in Egypt near the Sphinx, underwater in the Bimini area, and in the Yucatan area possibly near the ancient Maya city of Piedras Negras (Spanish for Black Rocks) in Guatemala. The latter location was not specifically named in the readings, but from clues and details given in several readings, researchers in the 1930s determined Piedras Negras to be the correct location. The Cayce readings state that the records were saved prior to the final destruction of Atlantis around 10,500 B.C. Stone tablets, linens, gold, and other artifacts are stored in the Halls. The records relate the entire history of humanity including the beginnings “when the Spirit took form or began the encasements” in physical bodies in the ancient lands of Mu and Atlantis. They also contain information about the ancient practice of building pyramids. An update on the status of each follows:


Title: The Yucatan Hall of Records The Atlantis Connection (YT link) Uploaded by Justin H.

Edgar Cayce: Atlantis And The Yucatan Hall Of Records – (2015) 5 stars

Run time: 1 hour, 21 minutes. Notes:

3 minutes in – Author Collins gives a date for the destruction of Atlantis at 9500 BCE to 8500 BCE. This sounds way too early for me. Unless I’m off, I believe Plato’s estimate was 900 BCE. This fits in better with the idea of Atlantean survivors heading off to lands like Egypt and the Mayan in Yucatan, as estimated by that one researcher who focuses on Jewish Kabbalah, whose name I can’t remember right now (Danny Wilten). That estimate is based on what we can piece together from historical sources that we can still refer to. Of course, Atlantis could be a pre-Ice Age civilization (older than 13,000 years), or early post-Ice Age like Gobekli Tepe in Turkey, but we hardly have any records on that period at all. The similarities between Quetzacoatl (Aztec), Kukulcan (Maya) and Viracocha (Inca) as founders of their respective empires also point to very late BCE or Common Era. To complicate matters even more, do you believe the Annunaki built the Egyptian pyramids before Atlantis existed, or after? In Hermetics, Thoth the Atlantean was pre-Ice Age, and built the pyramids after the Ice Age. So, the true history is very convoluted as of the present time!

37 minutes – A quick note: The Mayan creation date is August 14, 3114 BCE. One of the Piedras Negras pyramids correlates an astronomical observation of the three stars of Orion coinciding with this date. Another observation points to December 22, 2012, and of course 12/21/12 was the big year for the changing of the Mayan age.

The rest of this documentary focuses on small expeditions to various potential sites for two of the locations of the Hall Of Records, in Piedras Negras and the Bahamas.


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