Kirk Nelson: Edgar Cayce’s Egyptian Hall Of Records Revealed

I went on an Atlantis binge last night. Stay tuned for  a documentary on the Yucatan Hall Of Records and a lecture by Manly Hall on Atlantis, in a few posts.


YT description: The entrance to Edgar Cayce’s Hall of Records under the Sphinx is revealed along with the timeline of prophecy for the next ten years. For more info, go to

Title: Edgar Cayce’s Hall of Records Revealed (YT link) Uploaded by Kirk Nelson.

Kirk Nelson: Edgar Cayce’s Egyptian Hall Of Records Revealed – (2016) 4 stars

Run time: 1 hour, 2 minutes. This lecture ranges from the Egyptian Great Pyramid to astrological conjunctions to a brief portion of the end regarding scientific advancements. It is good to pretty good information. I wanted to jot down a part of this for further speculation.

According to Cayce’s readings, this is how homo sapiens originated. There was a war in the heavens, after which souls came to Earth and began entering material substance. At first, souls became part of or merged with trees and rocks. Later, these souls became stuck in material bodies such as those of proto-humans such as Neanderthals and Gigantopithecus. The Sons Of God came along and decided to homogenize the different types of men into one race, and through gene splicing they created the first modern human. This fits very well with the idea of the Annunaki and Sumerian human origins.

Another interesting bit is Cayce’s predictions for the future. Here are the five main points:

Opening Of The Hall Of Records – Nelson theorizes this may occur in 2026

Return Of Jesus – ?

Thousand Years Of Peace – I see this as the entry in the next epoch, or the Age Of Aquarius

Alien Contact – A return of the Annunaki?

Fifth Root Race Begins – The most fascinating of all. A lot of esoteric researchers have been speculating on the end of an epoch and grand, peaceful hopes for the next one. Here is something that I’ve been speculating about that hardly anyone else is talking about that I heard in Nelson’s presentation. I think we are going to see a new, advanced race of men, possibly a Homo Superior, as seen in the X-Men mutant comic books. This isn’t going to be through transhumanism, as the New World Order is pushing for. Instead, it will happen through DNA influencing by a higher vibration from the Universe or Sol, or through outright DNA manipulation such as from alien hybridization or some other advanced process. If all of these five events happen as Nelson postulates, we might be seeing a new form of human walking the Earth in about ten years.


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