Manly Hall: The Seven Races Of Mankind From Atlantis (Lecture)

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Title: [Occult Lecture] The Seven Races of Mankind from Atlantis, Esoteric Knowledge, by Manly P Hall (YT link) Uploaded by Free Audio Books For Intellectual Exercise.

Manly Hall: The Seven Races Of Mankind From Atlantis – (2013) 4 stars

Run time: 1 hour, 53 minutes. Notes:

10 minutes in – Hall is talking about the formation of the Earth into a setting that will permit human consciousness. This is interesting when considering the Prokaryote and Eukaryote Theories. Prokaryotes were single celled organisms that came from space and promoted the formation of iron oxide, and later the multi-cell Eukaryotes came in and used that iron oxide for food. Could it be possible that if the Earth is now floating in some galactic cloud or in the iron oxide wings of Planet X, some new organism will come to us from space and spur a new advancement in the growth of Earth’s biological organisms?

14 minutes – In Chinese cosmology, a giant turtle carries Earth upon its back. I just watched a documentary on Cayce’s Hall Of Records prophecy for Yucatan. For what its worth, the Maya saw the constellation of Orion as being the shell of a giant turtle. Hall also mentions god as being an entity that is dynamically releasing its essence into creation, as opposed to an independent, static deity that watches its creation from afar.

22 minutes – Unlike in several previous lectures, this time Hall speculates that if we understood the correct vibrations, we might actually see creatures or beings from other dimensions. In those last talks, Hall kept trying to box supernatural phenomena as being caused by brain malfunctions or hysteria.

23 minutes – Hall echoes what Cayce said, about man being spirit before being material flesh, through animism.

29 minutes – Hall compares the first intelligent entities as shadows or clouds, which sound a lot like thought forms.

48 minutes – Here is an excellent point, regarding the origin of imagination. An amoeba extends farther than itself, farther than its current form. The idea that it can extend is through imagination. Carrying that same concept forward to our modern day, I can speculate that The Powers That Be are doing their utmost to prevent the human population from using their imagination. What is the next step in natural human evolution, and how can we aspire to reach it if our imagination is being stifled?

51 minutes – Hall describes a bigger, tougher body for humans. I think this is the right idea. Look at how nature evolves through natural adaptation and survival of the fittest. Creatures would have to evolve into more durable forms. Yet we have humanity with soft skin, no horns, no fangs and no claws. Humans could not have developed weaker traits naturally, as some forms of proto-men had larger brains and all of them were stronger and tougher-skinned. Let’s see if Hall speaks to this softness / weakness as he goes on. (Not to mention the relative small size of human eyes, the disadvantages of looking only forward from a hunter / hunted standpoint, and the limited senses of hearing and smelling.)

52 minutes – As a side note, in the Mayan Popol Vuh, we have descriptions of the first men as being made of stone, and the second men being of wood. It was only after the third try that the gods made people of flesh.

58 minutes – Hall goes off in a direction I completely disagree with. He takes the Darwinistic slant that humanity began to grow soft over time. There is no way this happened, as there is no Missing Link showing one species evolving into another species. Besides, bigger, strong animals would have wiped out smaller, softer humans. For example, Neanderthals had bigger brains than humans, but as far as we know, they never built cities or advanced past the hunter-gatherer stage. So, these puny, weak humans were smart enough to avoid being prey, and they started organizing fairly quickly and building advanced societies? That story doesn’t wash.

If you chase a chicken across the yard, and then it manages to elude you, that chicken doesn’t automatically start building a society with other chickens, because it still thinks like a chicken. It doesn’t imagine something that far out of its experience. In the same way, humans competing for resources with larger proto-humans aren’t going to say, we should start building huts and fortifications to defend against our attackers. Look at primitive societies from the past and present in the Americas, Africa, Asia and especially look at the Aborigines from Australia. These people don’t advance very far past their everyday experience. Is it because they lack the imagination that the European nations had, or is there an X factor out there that we are not familiar with? Remember too that all of the advanced ancient civilizations wrote in their myths that they were primitive people, up until ‘the gods’ showed up and taught them how to do things.

(About 30 seconds of audio is missing at the 58 minute mark.)

1:01 – Hall makes too big a leap from un-enlightenment to the Mystery School teachings. He’s skipping thousands of years of history and accumulated wisdom, in my opinion.

1:08 – Speech was ‘added’ to humanity. This is important to note because primates are not capable of reproducing sounds like people. Instead, primates are taught sign language as a means to express their intelligence. I would say that proto-men had speech similar to that of gorillas, except for Cro-Magnon who produced clothing and artwork.

1:15 – We are given the idea that advanced souls entered male human bodies and had intercourse with females. This caused a forced evolution in humans.

1:28 – Things get a little complicated here, as Hall finally starts talking about the seven races of Atlantis. The Lemurian had 3 sub-races, the Atlantean had 7 and the Aryan also had 7. Hall starts naming all these various sub-races. I don’t see a point here because he puts all of these people into their own geographical areas. This sounds too convenient, both in the numeration and in the way the races all traveled out to their locations to set up their tribes. The idea of a common origin in Atlantis sounds contrived.

1:36 – Is a new race being created in North America, and specifically in the US? Is this why The Powers That Be are moving to dilute the Anglo strain with black and brown people?

1:42 – Here is a big one for me. Hall claims that men will be able to see orbs of light. Guess what? I’ve been seeing them for about 4 years now.

1:48 – Hall makes another big point here, when he says we are reaching the limits of human experience. I see this as well. Humanity has wrung out of its available resources pretty much everything it can, from music to writing to art to nearly every other artistic range you can think of. Unless new novelty is introduced into this enclosed system, the system will begin to stagnate and later implode. Even if humans went into space, we would only be taking our established behaviors with us, with the majority lusting for power, wealth and resources just as we are doing on Earth now. I think that this is why the Earth is being shaken up now, to prepare its population for dramatic changes.


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