Occult: 2017 Economist Magazine Cover Analyzed by Veroosh Tarot

This interpretation comes from a Tarot practitioner of 25 years. The first half of the video deals with the Economist cover, while the latter half is Veroosh doing a separate reading and making predictions for 2017. Check my comments below and go take a look at my own decoding in the following post:

Occult: 2017 Economist Magazine Cover Analyzed by R Towers


YT description: The Economist 2017 Magazine Cover Decoded by a REAL Tarot Card Reader WITH REAL 2017 WORLD READING 3 Cards are in the EXACT SAME POSITION

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Title: 2017 Economist Cover Decoded REAL Tarot Card Reader W/ WORLD PREDICTION – 3 CARDS THE SAME! (YT link) Uploaded by Veroosh Tarot.

2017 Economist Magazine Cover Analyzed by Veroosh – (2016) 3 stars

Run time: 45 minutes. This reading was performed by a proficient Tarot reader. This practitioner has a good knowledge of economics and political science…

(Watches video. When the Economist segment is over, taps fingers for five minutes.)

So, I watched this video with the intention of gaining insight into how the Tarot works, from a person who practices using the cards regularly.

(Rant building up.)

Let me say this. I don’t claim to be an expert at something when I’m not. If I tackle a new subject, like say when I learned about Tarot, I basically jump into the swimming pool so I can immerse myself fully. To help me solidify the idea of Tarot in my head, I wrote a fiction novel around the concept. I went through the meanings of many of the cards and some of the basic spreads, like one card a day, two cards a day, etc. My characters would do readings and interpretations. As an exercise, I did real readings and fictionalized them into my story, just like a fortuneteller would adapt their reading for their paying client. I still do not consider myself proficient at reading the cards, but…

What the hell kind of reading is this? This is like the Cartoon Network of Tarot! This is the Twitter version! If this is what proficient card readers are doing, then I might as well go buy me a deck of cards and take up a new vocation.

Okay, so I will give a little leeway here, when it comes to how Veroosh interpreted the card for The Hermit. She sees the hermit looking over the crowd of protesters and across to the waning moon. That can be seen as a sign that I did not catch in the reading I did previously. However, the deciphering for the Death card and for the Magician card are entirely incorrect. The death card is Winter going into Spring, it is cyclical and signifies the end of one thing leading to the birth of the next. The Magician is the person who tricks the Fool (you and me, basically), into following certain paths that may or may not be good in the end. There was no interpretation for The Star card!

Veroosh gave her conclusion that these cards were chosen as a joke and that they shouldn’t be taken seriously. Wow. Really? These are the mover and shakers of the global financial system, who always work in code so the dumb masses won’t easily figure out what they’re up to, and we’re supposed to take this as silly humor? Everything in these cards is symbolic of something much greater and more profound.

You can make the argument that the Economist doesn’t have a clue of what they’re doing, that they ‘meant this as a joke,’ but that doesn’t wash. People pay attention to what periodicals like the Economist are saying, people who look for trends to take advantage of them for their own profit. These are games the Elite play, with financial institutions, nations and the people of those nations benefiting or suffering from their plans, the decisions and the implementation of those decisions, whether done voluntarily or by force. You might as well say that the CFR, the Bilderbergers, the Trilateral Commission and other clandestine, high level associations are all having a good, silly laugh at our expense and they really see us all as equal human beings.

(Watches rest of video before stack is blown.)

Veroosh’s reading for 2017, aside from what she did for the Economist cover, is indeed very positive. I think what we’re seeing here is the wave of good energy that has been building up to counter the black cloud that has been saturating the United States increasingly since Bush Sr. was in office. Trump is not going to be the agent of change that people hope he is, but instead the positive wave is going to flow around him in a way that would not have been possible with the Hildabeast in charge. I’m not going to knock this reading in any way. This is fine. This will help the collective get up off the ground, stand up and wipe the dust of their clothes, and start the march forward again.

You will note that her 2017 reading was based on the generally accepted meanings of the cards, unlike in the Economist segment that had all sorts of occult symbolism embedded in the imagery on top of the general meaning, of which she caught very little. So, while Veroosh didn’t do so good with Illuminati / Powers That Be symbolism, I think she did pretty good with the occult Tarot and metaphysical aspects in the latter half of the video.


3 comments on “Occult: 2017 Economist Magazine Cover Analyzed by Veroosh Tarot

  1. Here is another interpretation for you.

    Cards 2 and 8 are the tilted wild cards

    Card 8. STAR CARD The stars are the enlightened ones. the cards with the faces are secret society/cabal members (negatively enlightened members). The sentinel (from movie the matrix) is in the center of the card and is the positively enlightened ones that come on line in 2017. These people are the key to taking down the cabal. The stars with faces are all looking forward and the sentinel is heading in a different direction. They are the true enlightened ones that will not follow the same ways as the negatively enlightened ones

    Card 2. JUDGMENT CARD. Trump sitting on a throne (toilet made from an American flag) Trump has a scepter in his left hand (he has his own agenda and will shit out/expose a lot of the US secret society/cabal negative world agendas.

    Card 7 WHEEL OF FORTUNE. The secret society/cabal appointing prime ministers and presidents in rigged elections will be over in 2017. the rigged corrupt electronic ballot boxes located at the bottom of the card will not help in appointing secret society/cabal appointed people any longer. It’s now a roulette on who will be appointed a leader in the countries all over the world.

    Card 6. THE MAGICIAN. The magician is a secret society/cabal member who has been in control and think they will still stay in control hence the infinity sign above their head. The secret society/cabal members have been printing a 3D life for everyone. Everyone has been limited ((trapped into) this life through their 3D fears and 3D beliefs. This card is missing the lightening bolt coming down to the top of the staff. The missing lightening bolt signifies the control they still hold in electricity (and the use of coal and oil) in 2017. Electricity is the key to removing their control in all the remaining areas and this will be done through zero point energy (free energy).

    Card 5. Death Card. The death card is always a good card. It is a new beginning card. 2017 is the beginning of the take down of the secret society/cabal members negative programming of everyone (petulance (brain washing causing negative belief systems, the slowing and eventual end of wars) The red moon is what was mentioned in the bible. I will let you look up the red moon info.

    Card 4. THE HERMIT. In a more positive term THE MEEK, the ones who have lived like hermits these last five years. These people (the sentinels in card 8) have gained enlightenment through positive means (looking inside) which is the opposite way that the secret society/cabal members gain their enlightenment. The positive enlightened one on the right side of the card is leading the masses out of the matrix. The masses are falling down a water slide just like Neo did in the matrix movie when he woke up to the real true reality (4D). The bottom right corner is a map of the USA. The map is split indicating that not everyone will wake up at the same time. The moon is a half moon indicating that the time will be around 6 months into 2017.

    Card 3. THE WORLD. This card indicates how the secret society/cabal members gained control (the pyramid) and kept control. they kept control through the Vatican (churches) and Governments (white house). Everything floating in the air are their tricks/media outlets they used to keep your held in a 3D world of fear and negativity.

    Card 1. TOWER. The tower (the current world of 3D fear, and negative held belief systems) is crumbling in 2017 thanks to the two very important cards (2 and 8). The two flags that were holding the tower up is the belief of always having an enemy (Russian flag on the left) and the belief in misdirected beliefs (religions) on the right side of the tower. These two belief systems are begining to change in 2017.

    Hope this helps you In figuring out the meaning of the cards. I could offer you more insight if I was able to see the smaller items in each of the cards. 2017 is an exciting year of change into a more healthy 4D world.

    BE THE CHANGE, Become Enlightened


  2. Thanks for the reply Raymod.

    I live by the secrets of life, consequently I act on my highest joy in every moment I can. I currently have a couple of things I am working on that I need to take as far as I can and then I will reply to you. Please give me a couple of days or so to get back to you. You can always reach me at suttongeotech@aol.com.

    Thanks Ray


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