David Paulides: More Evidence Of Strange Disappearances

I believe this is a recent lecture, but I can’t be sure because a lot of uploaders aren’t putting the event dates on their videos. I have several videos featuring Paulides posted here, so be sure to search them to hear even more cases of strange disappearances.


YT description: This is the Latest David Paulides lecture on the subject of missing people. Paulides, who has become an expert in the large number of mysterious disappearances happening in American national parks and forests, discussed cases and the unusual patterns that appear with many of them.

Often bad weather suddenly appears after a disappearance such as fog or snow, and this serves to inhibit the searchers. Some recovered in water are an even greater mystery. In several cases, they have found that while the person may have disappeared several days ago and was only in the water for two days, Paulides explained. Perhaps even stranger is that no cause can be determined. According to Paulides, a similar string have also occurred in the canals of Manchester, UK. He questioned how investigators there have been unable to connect the cases. Paulides also commented on a movie based on his Missing 411 book series as well as provided updates on several individual disappearances.

Title: New David Paulides More Evidence of Strange Disappearances [FULL VIDEO] (YT link) Uploaded by UAMN TV.

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