John Anthony West: Egypt And Our Secret History

Uploaded in October of 2016. The slideshow cuts off after about 3 hours and 50 minutes, leaving only a static image. Still, this is an excellent talk.


YT comment: 5 hours of epic. Eat shit Zahi Hawasshole! – Leo Mulla

Title: John Anthony West – 5 Hour Epic Presentation – Our Secret History (YT link) Uploaded by Robert Bauval.

John Anthony West: Egypt And Our Secret History – (2016) 5 stars

Run time: 5 hours, 14 minutes. This is a long listen, but for the most part it is an entertaining listen. West is the researcher who, along with Robert Schock, first came up with the theory that the Egyptian Sphinx showed rain erosion proving that the statue is far older than mainstream historians would have us believe. During this presentation, we hear about West’s original background as a writer, his growing involvement with ancient Egypt, his discoveries, and towards the end, his philosophical outlook as a result of a lifetime’s worth of study.

A couple of against the grain ideas stuck out to me. One is the statement that we have never been visited by alien or other-dimensional cultures / beings. At the same time, West argues for the validity of Dogon tribe knowing about the recently discovered and super dense Sirius B. How did these Dogon people know about Sirius B then, unless somebody came and told them about it? Certainly the human eye and even most telescopes can’t see that far. West argues for the complexity of the Great Pyramid, and for its use as a highly advanced vibratory / technological instrument, and later he tells us there is no evidence of advanced machinery in ancient Egypt. This is contradictory because if the pyramids resonate at specific frequencies, then surely there would be a way to measure these frequencies during construction. The famous Egyptian ‘light bulb’ is explained as being an artistic way to show flowery fragrance, and okay, I can see why West is saying this, but he also goes into a long explanation of how complex the pyramid is and how it would be impossible to recreate it with modern equipment. The biggest statement that I had a problem with is that there were no aliens / god kings / angels that ever came to Earth, despite numerous ancient mythologies fully believing in them.

Toward the end of this lecture, West tells the audience that Capitalism, Patriotism and Democracy are among the worst evils of mankind. I can see some truth in that idea, especially with the abuses caused by those abstract concepts throughout history. I don’t think the problem is with the idea, but with the way the idea is carried out in real world examples. West thinks that voting shouldn’t be allowed for everyone. I can agree with this idea as well, because the majority of the world population is incredibly dumbed down and like voting for the candidates who give them the most bells and whistles. Just look at the welfare crowd and the snowflakes in the United States, who are largely worthless people that leech onto the rest of society while demanding handouts. At the same time, you have to consider how the ruling hierarchy exacerbates the situation and takes advantage of it. I think capitalism, communism and socialism can be made to work if put under a hierarchy of meritocracy, that is, the most qualified people would get the top jobs, based on altruism, experience and merit. Once any of these ‘isms’ start to bend the rules for their own benefit that is when the systems fall apart. Again, look at the US as an example, where the two stagnant political parties will do anything to stay in power, including murdering critics, spying on their constituents and curtailing free speech, at the cost of hurting and disenfranchising the public that initially voted them into office.


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