Crow Podcast 028 – False Flag 9/11 – A Worldwide Mind Rape

YT description: This episode covers both the occult, Luciferian, Crowleyesque ideas behind 911 (1st hour) and the standard numerical encoding of 911 using gematria and numerology (2nd hour & 1/2). I also cover a bit about the astronomy and astrology connected with the greatest show on Earth which was, in fact, a mega magic ritual. The time to stop being a gullible human is past and this episode proves that. Hope to see you there. All other Crow websites are FRAUD and there are now at least 10 of them!


Title: 028 Hell-ooo 911 Operator: Hi, I’d like to Report a World Wide Mind Rape (YT link) Uploaded by Crrow777.

Crrow777: False Flag 9/11 – A Worldwide Mind Rape – (2016) 4 stars

Run time: 1 hour, 23 minutes. This is Crow Podcast number 28. I usually don’t comment on these podcasts because the information is out of my range of research, and Crow’s delivery style isn’t as linear as that of most researchers. Here we have described in detail some aspects of the numerical coding that went into 9/11. As usual, Crow alludes to more information that he doesn’t delve into, has frustratingly incomplete notes and basically skips around in what can be a confusing manner to the listener.

I am commenting, but not so much on the material itself. It has always intrigued me how complex the predictive programming is, and how long it was in place before the staged event actually took place. I’ve heard rumors that 9/11 was being planned by the Bush family in the early 1970s. I’ve seen the evidence that it was encoded in the movie Back To The Future and in the Simpsons cartoons. We’ve got Bill Cooper making such a clamor in early to mid-2001 that The Powers That Be quickly silenced him. As far as I have been able to research, Cooper was the only person who was actively announcing the event right before it took place.

How is it possible that TPTB gave each other a head’s up years before the event? I was considering shifts in time-lines or time paradoxes involving 9/11 as far back as 2007 or 2008, and well before the advent of Mandela Effect. The idea back then was that 9/11 caused many time-lines to collapse into one. This increased the chances that TPTB would end up with a reality in which their plans would be successful. Soon after, the Bomber Of Nations appeared on the scene, and was magically whisked into the public eye and also the presidency of the United States. During Obama’s terms in office, the Police State has gone from a persistent rumor into an undeniable reality. When cops routinely dress up in riot gear and pound unarmed protesters into submission, when the US Post Office and the Dept. of Agriculture purchase millions of hollow point bullets, and when even the Los Angeles school system has M-RAP armored tanks, it certainly does seem as if the world has jumped off the cliff of sanity.

What boggles my mind is the recent publicity concerning Quantum Computing, coupled with the vast amounts of electromagnetic energy being produced by CERN. If we are all vibrational beings, and at our smallest particles matter is electromagnetic, then it starts to become plausible that reality in the present can be affected. However, quantum computers don’t only influence the present, but they, theoretically, can manipulate the past and future as well. Don’t take my word for it, go and study up on them yourself. In the TED talk that made the conspiracy rounds, the speaker actually said that holes into other dimensions could be opened up and, in his words, exploited. When he said other dimensions, could he have been talking about past, present and future time-lines? I can’t recall the name of the researcher, who gave a lecture called The New Order Of Barbarians, I believe, saying in the 1980s that TPTB were going to use technology to change words in important books and in the Bible, in a similar way to what we are seeing in Mandela Effect.

There is a rumor that Tesla contacted spirits, who gave him information on his innovative ideas about energy. There is also ample evidence that Nazis used information channeled from entities to produce advanced weaponry. If Crowley managed to get in touch with similar spirits, perhaps he received advanced information as well, technology in exchange for Luciferian worship and the blood sacrifice of humans. This sort of deal is also hinted at when President Hoover allegedly made a pact with aliens in the 1950s, high technology for the right to abduct and experiment on human beings. How far has that tech been advanced since then, to the point of building quantum computers? To the point where a machine with incredible computing power and Artificial Intelligence can change reality at the quantum level, that is, to follow and pluck at String Theory in the construct of Time and Space? To cause effects such as the Mandela anomalies, many of which are decidedly negative when compared to the original versions?

The ladies from One People Round Table speculated that one day we will wake up and see that the Germans won World War II. If you follow the dark dealings of the Bush family, and its close affiliation with the Clintons, you might postulate that they already did. George Bush Sr. boasted that the New World Order would be successful, while Bush Jr. stated that if the public knew what the Elite were really up to, the Elite would hang. The clues are all there regarding the manipulation of Time and Space, in Wencesclau Mine in Poland during WWII, and in Montauk and the Philadelphia Experiment in the US soon after. Where are we now with this technology, when devices such as Alice’s Looking Glass were hinted at during the 1990s, which was purported to be able to look into the future, and with this slew of Time and Space aberrations being seen in Mandela Effect? The most foolish idea is that nothing is happening at all, because the proof is all around us that reality has become much more fluid than we ever expected it to be. The scariest part is that the people behind these changes might be giving each other advance notice about coming climactic events. By the time the ignorant masses figure out what is happening, the race might be over and the Elite will be standing at the finish line pointing their Police State guns at the rest of us.


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