Music, Electronic: Noisia – Tommy’s Theme (NWO)

See my last post for this same track accompanied by a Chibi dance video. I will be adding exceptionally rebellious videos to the Music NWO keywords in the future.


Title: Noisia – Tommy’s Theme (YT link) Uploaded by Noisia.

My thoughts:

This is one of those multilayered videos that can have a number of interpretations, done to a grand electronica / dubstep soundscape . Some of them are:

1. individuality vs the machine, as in humanity vs the New World Order

2. as above so below, see the boy bouncing the globe throughout, always apart from the chaos

3. the physical is pain, while the etheric is bliss

4. karma and reincarnation, see the stomping of the Earth, and its rebirth right after, and the inevitable confrontation of good vs evil, probably within one’s self

5. my personal favorite, the Us vs Them mentality is really Us vs Us.

There are more, so the final interpretation is really up to you. This really is a beautiful, powerful video.

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