PIAZZAGATE: Hildabeast Connected To Roberta’s Pizzeria?

I can see how this pizzeria might have a rocker or rockabilly theme to it, but the Pedo Clintons just don’t seem to fit in that kind of crowd.


In case you were wondering why Roberta’s Pizza was mysteriously closed for most of yesterday, here’s your answer: Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton were eating pizza in Bushwick last night! Certainly this pizza date was not as history-shaking as some of Bill’s previous pizza dates.

We’ve contacted Roberta’s for more information; one employee told us that everything was being kept hush-hush about the private event, but we’ve at least gotten confirmation that now-vegan Bill Clinton and family were there. You can check out some tweets about it below. We’ll update once we get more details.

Learn More:


Title: “Eat Pizza, Not Humans”: Clinton’s Connected to Another CREEPY Pizzeria (YT link) Uploaded by Dahboo7.


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