Unites States: Mysterious Stickers Show Up On Texas Mailboxes

Check the YT comments for other examples of this, including Thanksgiving in Indiana and thieves warning each other that dogs are in the yard.


YT description: http://undergroundworldnews.com
It’s not the chore Carolyn Chaufty had on her list for Tuesday.

The Plano resident used a razor blade to scrape away the sticker that had been placed on her mailbox. She’s not the only one in her Hunters Ridge neighborhood in Plano that has it.

“It’s not like it’s just happening on one street,” said David Tilley, with Plano Police Department. “We’re getting multiple streets reporting.”

Tilley is talking about the mysterious yellow and black reflective stickers found on mailboxes.

“It’s unsettling to think somebody would be tagging mail boxes,” Chaufty said. “For what purpose?”

Plano police are hoping for any leads. Tilley says the department was first notified of the stickers almost two weeks ago.

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Title: Mysterious Stickers Placed On Mailboxes Spurs Concern In Texas (YT link) Uploaded by Dahboo7.


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