Gnostic: Richard Smoley – The Mystery Of Love

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We have all experienced it, we all thrive for it in some aspect, and we all are heavily challenged by it almost every day by various mediums. But the reality is that Love, in all its masks, is perhaps just as hard to understand as Salvation, Enlightenment or Gnosis. We all fall short often when attempting to unleash its fulfilling benefits. And in the end, is there really such a thing as Love or is it just another form of commerce that humans and their gods participate in order to find some meaning in the cosmos? We face Love head on, from the long corridors of history, psychology, legend and religion. We view this great enigma through the lenses of Mystics, Philosophers, Theologians, Religious Founders, Artists and, of course, even The Gnostics.

Astral Guest– Richard Smoley, author of The Dice Game of Shiva, Conscious Love, and Inner Christianity: A Guide to the Esoteric Tradition.

Title: The Mystery of Love: Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio (YT link) Uploaded by Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio.

Richard Smoley: The Mystery Of Love – (2014) 4 stars

Run time: 1 hour, 13 minutes. One of the quotes given during this interview is; love is having the common sense to care about something good. A short while later, Smoley states that Christianity is the religion most preoccupied with love than any other. I’ve had a good think about this and am coming to the conclusion that, generally speaking and based on the teachings of Jesus in the New Testament, this could be an accurate concept. This idea that Christians must love all others, even their enemies, is exactly why it has become a punching bag for liberals and aberrant religions like Islam. Tolerance has been turned into vulnerability.

Let us take a look at marriage between one man and one woman. This belief came about through either Canaanite Hebrews or pre-Hellenistic Greeks. The Hebrews were highly tribal and demanded that marriage ceremonies take place only among approved members of the tribe. By binding a man and a woman, and by being a patriarchal society, inheritances were passed along from father to son. This is seen in abundance in the Old Testament writings. (It was the opposite in ancient Egypt, where inheritance went from mother to daughter, up until, probably, the Jew patriarchal society took power and relegated women to being secondary, or ‘vassals’ to men.)

Further, there were segments in Greek society that also believed in this idea of inheritance. A man married a woman to pass his wealth to his inheritors. In both Greece and Rome, the woman / consort / wife was secondary, in that Greek and Roman men would often take other men as lovers. From Medieval times and up to the present day, especially in India and the Middle East, many cultures still have arranged marriages, or in the case of Islam primarily, the purchase of child brides. Even in the state of California, legally even an infant can be married off to whomever, as long as the parents of that infant are okay with the marriage. What this tells us is that historically, the equation of love has been imbalanced toward the side of men.

Does love have to be reciprocal? I don’t know of too many couples who have this kind of balance. Many of the married people I have known, from all walks of life and cultures mind you, were adulterers. The majority of men I know are nearly all divorced or single, and look for women only for sexual satisfaction. The younger the better, even. Love never enters into the equation. Even the divorced conservative men I know look more at a woman’s looks and productivity, instead of romantic compatibility. This seems to be a by-product of Medieval times when poor younger women were married to stable older men. Once again, the emotions of women are left behind.

But this is not always the case. There are plenty of examples, especially in the largely materialistic society of the United States, where women have abandoned their traditional place in the family for power or wealth or the impression of these things. Every ugly duckling woman on the Craigslist romance ads expects to land a Prince Charming, while leaving 99% of eligible bachelors behind. The expectations of these women is so high that they bring very little to the balance: they don’t cook, they don’t clean, they don’t bring a balance to a relationship, but in keeping with Feminist philosophy, they can sure spend money following their credo of ‘love the wallet, not the man.’ Even for platonic movie dates, a man is now required to be above average handsome. I know because this is exactly what the ads are asking for. I’ve heard a statistic that today over 80% of all men never get married and never have children. Yet I’ve read accounts from cruise boat captains and airline pilots who have dozens of women jumping on their laps the moment they depart for a trip, while the rest of the crew wrestles for their breadcrumbs. In this case, thanks to TV programming we have a reversal where most men are pushed aside for men with higher ranks, a better physique or at least a hefty bank account, when the women that are chasing them for the most part have none of this.

Women complain when men marry outside of their race, while these very same women won’t take less than a king to woo her. Anglo women are spreading their legs for Negroes and Muslims, while ignoring Anglo men. This is the same way French women spread their thighs after the occupation by Germans in World War II, and the same way German women did the same for American soldiers after World War II was over.

In light of history, I don’t think Love exists in the idea way that Hollywood tells us it does. The same people hyping the husband and wife, the two kids and the house with the white picket fence in the 1950s are the people telling us to have multi-cultural kids today, and who have been dismantling the nuclear family since the 1960s through welfare and other governmental means. I’m sure a soul mate or life partner exists for some (lucky) people, but most people are never going to find that partner, and the divorce statistics and dissatisfaction among married couples prove this. For the bulk of us, Love is just another Hollywood lie.

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