WSO Interview: Karen Van Fossen – The Seige At Standing Rock

YT description: The authorities have ordered $1000 fines for bringing wood, blankets and other material support to the Prayer Camp.

Interview with local pastor confirms peaceful nature of the camp.

Steve and Ron,

What a blessing to speak with both of you today!

Here are some sites we highly recommend for donations:
Oceti Sakowin camp ~
Medic and Healer Council ~
Water Protector Legal Collective ~

Sometimes, folks need to donate to a 501(c)3 (which the Legal Collective may be). Otherwise, they are welcome to visit and make a donation to our church, indicating “Standing Rock” in the memo line; we’ll make sure the funds support Standing Rock solidarity in the ways that are most needed at the time.

With gratitude,

Karen Van Fossan, M.Div.

Title: WSO – ND Special Report Nov 30 – Is There a Siege on in North Dakota? (YT link) Uploaded by Steve Olson.

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