Antarctica: 76 Researchers En Route, All Scientists, ALL WOMEN

Bear in mind that I could have taken the title of this post in several different directions, such as ‘Nazis Need Women!’ or ‘Planet X Inbound – Scientists Fleeing For South Pole!’ What do we know so far? A lot of high-level people, such as the Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church and US Secretary Of State Kerry have made unusual and untimely trips to the Antarctic recently. We know that a mysterious e-mail about Antarctica showed up in Wikileaks, with a message that might be construed as ‘the glaciers are melting fast.’ We also have the rumor that Planet X will first be sighted from the South Pole. Let’s toss this story into the mix:

The 76 women selected for the inaugural Homeward Bound voyage (2016) all have a background in science, that is a degree in a scientific field or equivalent. They cover a broad range of professions, occupations and career levels and were selected based on their potential to use scientific knowledge and methods to have an impact on decision making as it relates to the state of the planet. – Homeward Project 2016 participant page

In going over the photos of these scientists, I have gathered a few observations. The woman are nearly all Anglo, except for about 3 Hispanics and 1 Indian, based on appearance and names. They come mostly from Australia, although there is a small smattering of women from other NATO countries. For the most part, these women look healthy, active and attractive.

Launching in 2016, Homeward Bound has gathered the first 76 of a targeted 1,000 women from around the world, all with critical science backgrounds, to undertake a year-long state-of-the-art program to develop their leadership and strategic capabilities, using science to build conviction around the importance of their voices. The inaugural program culminates in the largest-ever female expedition to Antarctica, in December 2016, with a focus on the leadership of women and the state of the world.

The project was the idea of Fabian Dattner (leadership activist and partner at Dattner Grant) and Jess Melbourne Thomas (Antarctic Marine Ecological Modeler). The two collaborated for six months to gain the support of significant scientific bodies, and women of influence. In November 2015 the project went viral globally, and by mid-2015 the inaugural program was fully subscribed. The 76 women selected are from around the world and include: astronomers, engineers, physicists, science communicators, Antarctic and Arctic specialists, doctors and social scientists. – Homeward Bound About page

The woman who came up with this innovative vision, Fabian Dattner, does not seem to have any scandals trailing her around. Make of this expedition what you will, but moving 1,000 female scientists like this would be an excellent way to preserve DNA or to repopulate the world after an ELE (Extinction Level Event), or for some other secret purpose that the rest of us are not privy to.


YT description: December 5, 2016 – Okay, call me crazy but what is going on that we are not being told at the South Pole? A group called “Homeward Bound” That has the title on one of it’s web page “Mother Nature Need’s Her Daughter’s” has chosen 76 prime age and in good health out of 1,000 applicants women from around the world to the South Pole.

OMG. This would make the making’s of a good Sci-Fi horror movie. I think of the seed banks in Norway. You know the seed’s tucked away in a frozen vault waiting for Dooms Day.
Read more here,

Title: UFO, Aliens, 76 Women going to Antarctica Fairbanks researcher heads for South Pole (YT link) Uploaded by Mary Greeley.


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