Gnostic: Jeremy Puma – An Introduction To Philip K Dick

YT description: Gnostic Prophet, drug induced madman, sci-fi master or all of the above? We delve deep within his visions, gospels, prophecies and modern yet relevant Gnostic views of Philip K. Dick.

Astral guest: Jeremy Puma, author of This Way and How to Think Like a Gnostic.

Title: An Introduction to Philip K. Dick: Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio (YT link) Uploaded by Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio.

Jeremy Puma: An Introduction To Philip K. Dick – (2014) 4 stars

Run time: 59 minutes. This is titled as an introduction to PKD, but I have a feeling that a new listener would be overwhelmed by the discussion. The host and guest jump around from one of Dick’s books to the next with very little in the way of exposition. I have studied some of Dick’s writing, primarily VALIS and his Exegesis, and I am familiar with movies based on Dick’s work such as Blade Runner and Total Recall. I’ve also watched a few documentaries detailing PKD’s life. That this man was ahead of the curve is undeniable, as Dick was railing against Archonic control in a Hologram Universe back in the 1970s, and as far as I know, was the first person to give a public conference with mainstream media on those subjects. Despite all this previous knowledge, I consider myself at an intermediate level when it comes to Dick’s complete body of work. Seen from that point of view, this becomes a good interview. It allows someone like me to take notes and to see what ideas are found in what books, and how Dick’s perspective evolved over time as he went along.

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