Illuminati Dynasty: The True Story Of The Rothschild Family

YT description: You’ve heard the name “Rothschild” used many times in conspiracy circles. But how much of it is true? In this episode, investigative reporter Jake Morphonios discusses the true history of the Rothschild family and their place in today’s world.

Forbes Real Time Billionaire List:…




Title: The True Story of the Rothschild Family: An Illluminati Dynasty (YT link) Uploaded by End Times News Report.


2 comments on “Illuminati Dynasty: The True Story Of The Rothschild Family

  1. sorry…this clip is blatant bullshit…the Rothschild’s money is hidden….controlled opposition, mixing a little truth with error…same ole…..ususally I like your picks   (the seed of the serpent a week ago was fab.)……it’s hard to discern sometimes, but this guy is laughable….. keep em coming!!!…smile……clara

    • Morphonius does better with current events, but he is a front line kind of guy at places like the Bundy / Oregon Stand-Off.

      I will be looking for Rothschild documentaries in about a week, after I clear my backlog of Hermetics and Philip K Dick bookmarks. If you know of any recent good ones, say 5 years old or less, feel free to send me a link.

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