Gnostic: John Munter – Jesus Christ Is Simon Magus

Excellent hypothesis, but not so much in the way of tying it together historically. I see another researcher with the same idea on the YT sidebar, so I will be having a listen at that interview as well. The biggest point you should take into account is that Jesus was NOBODY’S Messiah until the Council of Nicea voted for him to become one in the 4th century. That’s 300+ years after Jesus supposedly died, sheep.


YT description: Beneath the Orthodox narratives lies the true identity of Jesus Christ. In reality, he was a Samaritan magician who brought a mystical dispensation that made humans divine on earth. His name was Simon Magus. This revelation is supported by the Gnostic texts that also expose the arcane rituals of a movement possibly originating with John the Baptist—and as well supported by historical records such as the writings of Josephus and others. We mine the New Testament, Nag Hammadi library and edited history to find the life and fate of a spiritual Messiah. And why Simon’s message was so radical the Jews, Christians and Romans of his time had to censor and instead give the world a sanitized savior for crowd control.

Astral Guest—John Munter, author of The Samaritan Jesus.

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Title: Jesus Christ is Simon Magus (YT link) Uploaded by Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio.

John Munter: Jesus Christ Is Simon Magus – (2016) 4 stars

Run time: 1 hour, 8 minutes. This is an interesting premise, but a very tough one to prove historically. From what I’ve gathered, Simon Magus was a rival of Jesus, as was John the Baptist and a few others at that same period in time, including influential men that the Jews were then touting as their Messiah. The early Jesus was depicted carrying a magic wand or staff in 1st century Christian sarcophagi, and the Jewish Talmud does state that Jesus was crucified for being a sorcerer. Both of these alleged facts match with the details produced by Munter. Past that, we start to run into even more problems. The four Gospels can’t be taken as accurate because the disciples of Jesus didn’t write them; they were created at the earliest at about 70 CE, or nearly 40 years after the supposed death of Jesus. The accounts of Josephus are similarly tainted in that, like the Gospels, they show signs of later additions, corrections and omissions in language and customs. Some of the details that Munter presents regarding the story of Magus sound contrived and fabricated, further muddying up the pond.

I don’t think it is probable that Magus was the single person who later became modeled into Jesus. I do speculate that Magus may have been part of the amalgamation that resulted in the Christ Messiah figure the world recognizes today. Magus could have been the miracle worker in the Jesus stories, just like Mithras was born on the 25th of December, Apollo was the Good Shepherd, Hercules was the son of god and mortal woman and Horus was the savior of men who was resurrected. And then we have stories about Jesus the rabbi who stole the teachings of the Mystery Schools and began to distribute them to the public, and about a Jesus-like figure who went to study at Tibet. There is no clear answer here, and there probably will never be one.


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