Hermetic: Manly Hall – The Vision Of Hermes

I have a couple of longer audiobooks I’m still going through on Hermetics, the Kybalion and the teachings of Tehuti. Those will be up shortly, provided they aren’t too dry in subject matter.


Title: Manly P. Hall – The Vision Of Hermes (YT link) Uploaded by Danny Wilten.

Manly Hall: The Visions Of Hermes – (2013) 4 stars

Run time: 1 hour, 51 minutes. This is a good overview on Hermetics, going from parallels Hall sees with other ancient religions, to Hall’s interpretation and personal insight into the core teachings. Hall does not touch on the Egyptian aspects and he only skims over some of the dogma attached to Hermetics, but that’s fine with me. I was looking for insight and not looking to be bogged down by details. At least not yet. That will come when I delve into the Kybalion and other esoteric books.

The biggest point Hall discussed is the idea that Source was whole as Reason. When Reason divided itself into Reason and Thought, things changed. Thought becomes imagination, and once imagination began to flourish, Hall’s idea is that Reason fell in love with Thought and so true Reason was lost. The human analogy to falling in love and losing one’s reason is magnified into cosmic terms. It is an interesting concept, but I have already concluded that Source was All, or Whole, and that at some point such a division really did take place. This comes from many ancient sources, including Gnosticism and Hinduism. This can even be speculated through science, when one considers what our universe was like before the interaction that produced the theoretical Big Bang.

Did Source fall in love with what was and at the same time was not its mirror image? The counter argument could be; does Reason have to preclude Thought in order to create further Thought? It becomes a philosophical argument after this, where Source must have had both Reason and Thought within it at the start. After the point of separation, the two that were previously one naturally still felt love for their counterpart. There is the eternal dance of duality that interestingly enough pops up in every major Mystery School religion, and in a lot of mainstream dogmas as well. At least, in all the dogmas that are not looking into space, into the heavens or under large rocks for their saviors. The meme of duality and balance are everywhere.

The potential contradiction is that researchers such as Hoeller and others, and even Hall himself, have deliberated on the importance of the human imagination. We are too highly regulated by Reason, these learned men might say, and we need to give more of our energies to Thought. By doing this, are we not amorously chasing after Thought as Reason was in Hall’s postulation? I would say that as a collective we must control our Reason first before we leap into Thought. It is Reason that has shackled us with the binds we have one now. Who can draw or sing in a cave or a prison cell? There is a beauty in that, but Reason too tightly confined becomes a fist that only allows a small amount of thought to squeeze through its fingers. By using Reason to open up that fist, imagine just what sort of Thoughts will take wing and flourish as a result.


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