World War III: US Military Base For Israel, Israel Attacks Damascus

So, Syria takes out a Turkish military base and frees Aleppo, and right after that the terrorist state of Israel hits Damascus. Why in the hell is Israel even in there, since it has been verified that they admit ISIS / Moderate Obamas into their hospitals? Of couse, ISIS NEVER attacks Israel. Oh, this is about Syrian’s Weapons of Mass Destruction, right? Yeah, that slimy excuse didn’t wash in Iraq, and it isn’t washing now. Fuck Israel.

Oh, and the comments about the Pope of Rome are also very telling.


YT description: Breaking News, Israel bombed Damascus Military Airfield early Wednesday Morning. First on Tuesday unknown aircraft attacked Turkish army near al-Bab. Russia and Syria take down the West Backed militants of East Aleppo. So under US Pressure is Israel attacking Damascus?

Title: Breaking: Israel Bombs Damascus (YT link) Uploaded by Israel News Live.


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