One People Round Table: 12/06 – Where Are We Really?

YT description: World Leaders resigning without notice, more activity in the antarctic and piecing together peoples experiences to pull together the story of who/what and where we really are.

Title: One People Round Table 6 Dec 2016 – Where are we really? (YT link) Uploaded by Lisa M Harrison.

One People Round Table: 12/06 – Where Are We Really? – (2016) 4 stars

Run time: 2 hours, 12 minutes. I got about 30 minutes in before Lisa started saying things that made my bells start going off. I know without a doubt that I came here with a specific purpose; I’ve been dreaming about that purpose ever since I was a little boy. My earliest childhood dream is of me standing up and holding in my hands a sword and shield. After a few moments, the sword becomes a thick book that for many years I thought was a Bible. Today, I feel the book represents learning and knowledge in esoteric subjects. My purpose is to be a witness to the atrocities of men as an Akashic Record, and also to filter information and pass along the pertinent parts to those who are at my spiritual level. I’m not here for the two-dimensional masses but for the three-dimensional sorts who have become stuck or never got the chance to blossom.

Lisa mentions that perhaps we finished our job and somehow we got stuck. I don’t agree here. I think there is still a lot left to do. I believe the job is ongoing and that things may get even worse than they are today if The Powers That Be try to take us down with them. I think this is what is going on with this ‘thunderstorm asthma’ being reported in Oz, and other respiratory difficulties being reported in various locations. Here in San Diego, my mother, myself and others have consistent coughing, dry throat and eyes, headaches, dizziness and other ailments which we believe are being caused by Chemtrails. I’m coming out of a two-day fever thanks to the strange fluctuations in local temperature.

I made the announcement a few months ago that the tide had turned against the bad guys. We were unable to see the results back then, but they became more and move noticeable as time went on. As the ladies comment, I too think the bad guys are on the run. I don’t think we are just wasting time until ‘somebody’ shows up, however. I think some of us have been pre-selected or are being chosen in real time to either rebuild or regroup once whatever large scale event takes place soon. I believe I have been kept back, or held back until this event is over, after which I will be shown whatever it is that I am to do next. I’ve had this feeling for at least a year now.

I think a lot of 2D people will disappear or be removed from the matrix in the way Mandela Effect has been taking place, OR all of us 3D people will be removed from the construct and the 2D people will be left behind. OR we’re all going someplace else where our lives will be replayed before us and we will have some kind of Judgment. Nobody knows for sure, and this is being done deliberately so that TPTB don’t get ahead of the game. Because they can’t figure out what comes next, they are and will continue to be in a panic.

31 minutes – Dani mentions that there is one more piece left to roll out. I think she might be right about this.

37 minutes – Thunderstorm asthma comes up. I should have mentioned the excessive mucous before. We have that here in San Diego!

1:20 – The talk moves over to a single old man who somehow corrupted a pleasant construct. Demiurge!

Youtube channel mentioned regarding Giants: Mud Fossil University.

1:45 – Here is something that Crrow777 has been mentioning that I am having a lot of trouble getting through my head. This is the idea that dinosaurs do not exist as we have been told. Lisa speculates that dinosaurs were really giant birds, while Crow will say that dinosaurs did not exist at all.

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