Gnostic: Anthony Peake – Philip K Dick Remembered The Future

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2014 04~ 22
Time Monk Radio Network Interviews Presents:
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Title: Anthony Peake — “The Man Who Remembered the Future” – Philip K. Dick ~ The Plane Truth ~ PTS3098 (YT link) Uploaded by Time Monk Radio Network.

Anthony Peake: When Philip K Dick Remembered The Future – (2014) 5 stars

Run time: 1 hour, 42 minutes. This interview touches on several big facets, most important of which is an attempt to correlate emerging science with the metaphysical. Peake does an excellent job of taking recent scientific progress and attaching it to the paranormal / supernatural fields. However, there are several sorts of anomalies that cannot be scientifically quantifiable at this point. I don’t think that people in a 3D Hologram Universe can fully calculate the full potential in a 4D construct. In the same way that our 3D reality has its pockets of aberration and limbo, so too should the bigger reality that envelops ours from within to without. We can speculate on what the Archons are and how they manipulate reality around us, but we will never be able to fully validate them.

At just over an hour in the interview, we come to the life of Philip K Dick. Dick was seeing and experiencing things that very, very few other people have ever come across. This is the kind of life I am living in. Dick wrote events down in his fiction that later became reality; so do I. Some of my fictional musings have real life validation within months or in a year or two later. Dick was in contact with supernatural forces, and so am I. I have gotten some information that is true, most that is false, and some that is simply too fantastical or impossible for me as a human being to authenticate. Peake talks about how Dick had precognition, as if his Future Self went back in time to drop clues into his life. I have had this happen in my life as well, where the clues I find are ‘inside jokes’ that only I would be able to figure out. For a time, I held my Spirit Guides for these oddities, as that is just as good an explanation as them having been placed there for me as my Higher / Future Self doing it.

Time does not mean what we think it does. Time is not a straight narrative, but a dynamic and flowing, living organism. A tree with branches splitting off and returning to the main trunk, or a river with tributaries that leave and come back are the closest words I can use to describe Time, except the tree / river is circular like a hoop. At 1:04, Peavey describes catching a fragment of a memory, a string, and pulling at it until more and more of the memory can be deciphered. I’ve been using this technique for years in my more bizarre recollections, my regular dreams and my lucid dreams. This method works for me.

1:11 – I want to say that photons do not come out from the eyes, but from the pineal gland where the soul resides. There was a time when I saw a large number of floating orbs in my presence. I was convinced these were the ‘eyes’ of incarnated people.

1:20 – Co-host Bob mentions seeing what he calls the Brow Chakra out in front of his face. He also calls this a vortex. This is very synchronous for me. For a few months now, I have been seeing a transparent spiral pattern or a thumbprint pattern while I do open-eye meditation at night. This pattern ‘materializes’ a couple of feet in front of me, holds still between a few seconds and up to a full minute, before fading out. There are times when I see strangely shaped objects inside this pattern, as if they are coming through from another dimension.

1:32 – PKD may have predicted Anthony Peake, having gotten the letters A, N and P,E,A,K right from Peake’s name. This is attributed to something like a lucid dream. In a similar precognitive state, I have predicted the nickname, job, home and other details of a person I actually met nearly a year later, through lucid dreaming and automatic writing. This idea of words flashing by and an observer having to pick them out of his / her mind quickly is how I visualize my automatic writing. There is much more to my story, but in keeping to the topic I will leave off here.

1:36 – The idea of underwater cities came through very strongly in my dealings with the young lady I mentioned at the 1:32 bit. During my meditation, I have been asking for my Higher Self to be revealed, and I have made some very interesting progress in that journey, especially as of recently. I don’t want to see myself at the moment of my death, as PKD may have seen the moment of his! Know how analytical my mind is, I could probably hone such a vision down to within a year or two of it happening.

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