Jacob Israel: Government Mind Control Is Now Legal In The US

Yes it is, ever since NDAA. Here is Jacob Israel to give you the basics on it.


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Not too long ago a law making it illegal for the government to use propaganda on the American People was amended, and since then the White House has spent Billions of dollars finding new ways to INFLUENCE people here in the states and around the world. IT’S TIME FOR THE BLINDERS TO COME OFF. Learn their techniques and find out how to unplug and set yourself free from MIND CONTROL. I will also be talking about the 21st Century “Cures” Act which was just passed and is MORE LEGISLATION that caters to big Drug Companies and Donors… It’s time to wake up people, and I hope this video gets you started.

Title: Government MIND CONTROL is Now LEGAL! Watch before they take this video down! (YT link) Uploaded by Jacob Israel.


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