Music, New Retro Wave: Halloween Mix 2016 (1 Hour)

This was released on Halloween day by New Retro Wave. I’ve been meaning to post it for about 2 weeks now, but I keep forgetting. It isn’t as scary as you might hope for, more like an intense 80s action movie. That’s fine with me, as I was working on a dark action fiction project while I had this playing in the background, and at high volume mind you.


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That time of year is here. Here is a mix to chill your bones and make your Halloween an EPIC one!

Mixed by The Confused B.M.C.


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Title: NewRetroWave Halloween Mix 2016 – (The Darkness Within) – [Retrowave/ Darkwave/ Retro-Electro] (YT link) Uploaded by New Retro Wave.

Track list:

1) Isidor -Wave Rider – 00:00
2) Mega Drive – Crimewave 2 03:39
3) Tonebox- Launch Disintegration 06:58
4) ALEX – Occult 11:19
5) Tonebox- Celestial breakdown 15:37
6) Toxiffy- Cyborg Chase 16:47
7) Nightcrawler – Phantom Planet 19:25
8) Daniel Deluxe- Soul Siphon 23:37
9) DevilRazor- Futurehell 25:51
10) Raydar- Trick R Treat 28:21
11) Ace Buchannon- Face Me 35:55
12) ABIIISMO – Machine Uprising 39:02
13) Arcade Summer – Electrocutioner 42:40
14) Phantasm Theme (Nightcrawler Remix) 46:13
15) Dance with the Dead- Screams & Whispers 48:11
16) Escape the Matter – Elevn 52:50
17) The Fog Remix – Elevn 59:34
18) Dance with The Dead- Riot 1:00:34

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