FUCK ISLAM: Allah’s Imbecile Sets Fire To Own Mosque, Dec 2015

Now, to be fair, we do have crybaby Jews vandalizing their own synagogues of Satan when trying to get new Holocaust museums built. However, I have not heard of any Christians setting fire to their own churches, have you?


From the article on Breitbart: Texas Muslim Pleads Guilty to Setting Fire to His Own Mosque

HOUSTON, Texas — The Muslim charged with arson of his own mosque on Christmas Day 2015 has pleaded guilty to felony arson in a Harris County (Houston) district court and was sentenced to prison.

The charging instrument stated that Gary Nathaniel Moore started a fire with the intent to destroy and damage a place of worship – the Savoy Masjid Mosque in Houston. Moore said he attended the mosque every day up to five times a day for five years. The Houston Fire Department (HFD) responded to the fire about 2:47 p.m. on Christmas Day.

Breitbart News reported that “up in smoke is the DC Media’s hoped-for anti-GOP Narrative. Before any facts were known, numerous DC Media outlets immediately exploited the tragedy to place the blame on Donald Trump.” As reported by Breitbart Texas, Breitbart News accurately predicted that the DC media would lose interest in the story “Now that a devout Muslim has been charged.”

Surveillance video from a business close-by showed “a bald headed dark skinned male walk quickly away from the mosque at 2:39 pm.” He was wearing long dark shorts, a white t-shirt, and had a backpack. The video also showed that three minutes later at 2:42 p.m., smoke could be seen coming from the camera’s viewing angle. Video footage also shows the same person walking towards the mosque at 12:54 p.m.

The fire investigator who interviewed Moore looked at surveillance video from another location and positively identified the man leaving the mosque as the same person he spoke to at the scene of the fire on December 25. On December 28, another investigator showed Saleem Memon, a member of the mosque for eleven years, a surveillance photo of the man leaving the mosque. He positively identified the man as Gary Nathaniel Moore.

On December 29, a search warrant was executed for Moore’s residence, and officials found a backpack and clothing that appeared to be the same as Moore had on when at the mosque.

A container of charcoal lighter was also found at Moore’s residence that was like the charcoal lighter recovered from Moore’s residence.


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