Gnostic: Anthony Peake – The Gnosis Of Philip K Dick

YT description: A new biography deeply mines the Gnosis of Philip K. Dick with a tripartition approach that echoes the sensibility of the ancient Valentinians. By exploring the life (body), psychology (mind) and mysticism (spirit) of Dick, and the bardos in between of his existence, we gain a full understanding of an intriguing individual– as well as more context to his prophecies and visions that are increasingly becoming a reality in these toxic times. It’s a Philip K. Dick World and you’re in it; and accepting this might be the best chance any person will have to begin breaking free from an Archon Universe.

Astral Guests–Anthony Peake, author of The Man Who Remembered the Future: A Life of Philip K. Dick, The Daemon and Is There Life After Death?.

Topics Discussed:

–How Phil was already versed in Gnosticism long before Valis, as attested in many early novels.
–The dark side of Dick, including his periods of ill-treating women and emotional backstabbing.
–How Phil viewed communion with the dead, the pineal gland, entheogens and other Esoteric issues.
–The way other great authors regarded Phil’s literary genius, and even prophetic powers.
–Dispelling many of the sensationalistic events in Phil’s life, like 2-3-74, some which are even more intriguing than ever before.

Title: The Gnosis Of Philip K Dick Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio (YT link) Uploaded by Miguel Conner.

Anthony Peake: The Gnosis Of Philip K Dick – (2013) 4 stars

Run time: 1 hour, 15 minutes. This is a general view of what PKD was really like, behind the minor deity facade and legend that has been imposed upon him over the years. PKD is partly to blame for the misidentification; due to the way he fictionalized his self through the characters he created for his novels. As a fellow writer, I can say that every character an author creates comes from that author’s life experience, and so the fictional people are in many ways a part of that author’s mind. I can see why Dick would want to augment or magnify his true exploits to a degree, for sensationalism and infamy really, but also to produce a sense of invulnerability that does not exist in the real person. If a story or event catches on a life of its own, the effect of popularity might lead an author not to correct it and return that incident back into the realm of mortals.

Discussed are a few examples of how the real life occurrence was different than the way it was recorded in a fiction novel. We are also given some idea of who PKD was as a person, both from his personal writing and from testimony of the people that knew him. I wouldn’t go so far as to qualify Dick as a person one should follow for their entire lifetime, in a cultish fashion, but I would agree with Peake that PKD was something of a shaman, and well ahead of the curve when it comes to Gnostic matters. Then again, people like JFK, MLK and even Jesus were also ahead of their time and had their own scandals and controversies trailing them around like persistent moths. Perhaps PKD is exactly the sort of person that cults should be formed around, to exemplify the limitations and shortcomings of what it is to be human, as well as to showcase what a person might be able to accomplish if one were to move past those obstacles.

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