Gnostic: Stephan Hoeller – The Gnosis Of Philip K Dick

YT description: Gnostic themes and insights in the novels of Philip K. Dick.

Title: Philip K. Dick’s Gnosis – Lecture by Stephan Hoeller (YT link) Uploaded by Pop Lar.

Stephan Hoeller: The Gnosis Of Philip K Dick – (2016) 3 stars

Run time: 1 hour, 12 minutes. To really get in depth into a subject, especially a subject I consider to be important, I might delve into a dozen sources for perspective. Recently, I listened to an interview featuring Anthony Peake, also regarding the gnosis of Philip K. Dick. The emphasis during Peake’s interview was more on Dick’s personal life. By contrast, here is Stephan Hoeller’s version. Hoeller begins by comparing Dick to other famous Gnostic writers, before moving on to give examples of Dick’s work and expounding on them. The lecture becomes a bit long and drawn out at times, and like some of Manly Hall’s lectures, tends to have a lot more personal anecdotes in it than it does meaningful evaluation on the subject matter. I did want personal perspective from qualified speakers, but not at the cost of substance.

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