Mandela Effect: Displaced Koreas And Taured Man Revisited

I did a lot of WWII research for a sci fi series I’m writing, and neither of those Korea placements look right to me. I don’t even remember exactly where it used to be (in my original reality). If I had to guess, it would be halfway between where the two Korea locations are on that map, with Vietnam, Laos, etc., directly to the west. There was no huge bay like you see there below China.


YT description: The Taured Man –

Title: Mandela Effect – The Taured Man MYSTERY (my trip to Korea) (YT link) Uploaded by Reality Shifter.

I noticed this other anomaly in the Youtube comments. If you’ve been reading through my comments on the One People Round Table posts, you might remember that I mention 2D people, or Non-Player Characters, every so often. I’m surprised this topic is spilling over into the general population.

I agree with you that some people I talk to don’t even feel real. Like they’re an NPC from a video game or something. – Gordaton

Have you ever noticed background people? That’s what I call them..just be aware of your surroundings and you will see what I mean – Eyes Of The Beholder 33

(There was another comment, but it was rather long. I will edit it a bit and post it tomorrow.)

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