Space: Be Prepared For The Cosmic Wave, Incoming Dec 24 – 26

YT description: If you are unaware of the Cosmic Wave due to hit the Earth around Christmas you might want to learn a little more. If 2004 was any indication of what can happen when Earth is hit by one of these and if what the experts are saying is correct that this one going to be much, much, much stronger, well it could be something to pay attention too.

What bothers me is that comet that is going to be transitioning between Earth and the Sun and with this Cosmic wave all at the same time just seems like the perfect storm to me but I could be wrong.

Special shout out to:…
God #1

I will keep saying this we need more than ever to be changing and start being kind to one another, walk in a constant state of forgiveness, it costs you nothing but pays eternal dividends.

Title: Cosmic Wave Coming (YT link) Uploaded by R Wayne Steiger.


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