World War III: Iran Will Destroy Israel If Trump Starts Middle East War

I say Trump should start a Middle East war AGAINST the terrorist state of Israel. How’s that for a win-win?


From the article on RT: Israel will be ‘destroyed’ if Trump sparks war in Middle East – Iran defense minister

The Iranian defense minister says Donald Trump’s election has led to “unease,” and that any war with Iran caused by his administration would “destroy” Israel and smaller Gulf states. It comes amid concern Trump will pull out of the nuclear pact agreed with Tehran last year.

Hossein Dehghan said on Sunday that the possibility that Trump may take a “different path” regarding the nuclear deal arranged between Tehran and six world powers last year has led to “unease, particularly among Persian Gulf countries,” the semi-official Mehr news agency reported, as cited by Reuters.

If such a war were to occur, it “would mean the destruction of the Zionist regime [Israel]…and will engulf the whole region and could lead to a world war,” Dehghan said.

He went on to note that city-states on the southern shore of the Persian Gulf would also be destroyed, “because they lack popular support.” That statement was reportedly in reference to Western-allied Gulf states such as the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Qatar.

However, Dehghan admitted it seems unlikely that Trump would take “strong action” against Iran, considering his “character and that he measures the cost of everything in dollars.”

Trump said during his campaign that he would tear up the nuclear deal agreed between Iran and six major world powers in 2015, calling it “disastrous” and the “worst deal ever negotiated.” He told an American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) conference in May that his “number one priority” was to dismantle the deal.


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