Mandela Effect: Recent Logo Changes And Bizarre Looking Flowers

From the time I was a kid and on up, I’ve always been fascinated by strange things. I would go out of my way to learn about weird animals and plants, and I’ve seen how a lot of ME researchers think they’re finding new MEs, but that’s because they never really looked into that area before. The giant fox bat and the narwhal come to mind as examples. About 3 years ago, I went and scanned through several sites for pictures of unusual orchids. I was looking for one to tie into a fiction story and decided on the Black Orchid. After searching for that same flower a couple of minutes ago, I am seeing some very bizarre shapes such as alien creatures and fish. The black orchid I remember is the one shown most, with six black petals and a red center. I have seen the skull flowers and the lip-shaped leaves before, but only recently in the last six months. A lot of the other flora, especially the monkey and people-shaped stuff is all new to me.

Yahoo image search for black orchid.

Oh, and I was pissed when Judgement become Judgment. I catch a lot of these changes on my Word program because I spend a good part of my days writing or editing. So many spelling and grammar changes have happened that I simply started ignoring them!

Update: the only flora I can recall shaped like a human being was the mandrake. That’s it!


Title: Mandela Effects / 17 (YT link) Uploaded by Curiouser & Curiouser.

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2 comments on “Mandela Effect: Recent Logo Changes And Bizarre Looking Flowers

  1. My dad was big into orchids and nature in general (and I’m a herbalist), and I’ve never seen skull flowers before! I do recall monkey-faced orchids, but never skulls. Agree – only human-shaped flora I know of is Mandrake (and the odd, weirdly shaped carrot lol).

    • Recently, I saw a video on the weirdest plants in the world, and I recognized like 1 or 2 out of 10. The others were completely new to me. So much is changing all around us. This is a wonderful and also a very challenging Time for us to be alive. I expect we are in store for a lot more changes yet.

      Thanks for your comment.

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