Steve Olson, Wayne Steiger: Ask A Philosopher, Episode 1

The guys from WSO talk philosophy. Now, these two do know a lot about a lot of different subjects, but they aren’t that immersed as far as philosophy goes. This is not Olson’s strength, and I get that so I’m not blaming him so much. Steiger is the guy who does a lot more contemplating on his YT channel, and while a lot of that is decent musing, he drops the ball big time here when he states that Buddhism practices blood sacrifice. He does backpedal and say he’ll look into this further, but just stating something like that that tells me enough. You don’t make a mistake like that if you’ve ever studied Buddhism.

There isn’t a whole lot of meat in the conversation other than we should all hold hands together, get along, and pray to whatever god we believe in. You can make up your own mind here, but I don’t see that sort of accord working with our current political and religious systems. If we can get rid of those and replace them with better alternatives, then we might really get somewhere.

The subject of this talk is supposed to be ‘blood sacrifice.’ This is not covered at all. If you can handle what I’ve come up with through my personal research, search for those keywords and check out some of my previous posts.


Title: WSO 2 – Episode 1 “Ask the Philosopher” (YT link) Uploaded by Steve Olson.

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